do you want to know what is selena gomez say now number, well if you are like me, i want to call her and tell her that i love her music and i am a big fan of selena gomez. so i called her and told her how much i admire her. she is the best and a good role model for me. i love her music and her shows.

so the other day, she actually called me back, i couldn't believe it. it was for realz.. my sister was jelous bcuz i got to talk to selena. she was the best. so anywayz, i got your message and here is the number i told you i was going to give you.

Selena Gomez’s SayNow Number: (214) 306-9590

what are you going to tell her?

Selena Gomez Quiz

Take this quiz of Selena Gomez. Lets see if you are a real fan or a fake fan. Only the real fans will know these answers. if you get all the answers correct, you will get Selena's Phone number. Good Luck!!
If You Get To Talk To Selena Gomez On The Phone, What Are You Going To Say To Her?
hi selena we love and support you everyday for 8 years
omg you are so pretty and i am your biggest fan, i love wizards of waverley place
i one of your fans this is so amazing i love you so much
will u #love# me
i love you and your songs. you are such an inspiration
hi im a big fan my name is trinity
hi selena gomez i just wanted to say i love you and you are very talented
oh my gosh i am to selena gomez im your biggest fan
i am her biggest fan i love her so much and i really wish she can come to aguila az she is so pretty
that im a big fan and i like her
how much i love her,and tell her how she saved my life
i love you songs your so pretty i wish i had magic switching powers so i can be you
i would ask her how shes doing and i want to ask her if she is going on tour agai.
hi. my name. is faith. u love. ur show
i love you and i love your songs so much and you are my favorite singer
ahhhhhhhhhhhhh its realy u omg i love u
i would say how much i love her, and how much she helped me in life with problems and how much she inspired me i love her
hi miss gomez mt name is jason n i love your songs
ask her to meet with her
hi i love you
i love you and you are beauitful
i admire you
i love you so much you are my idol and you give me so much inspiration
hi selena how are u im a huge fan i love you so much
Whats Your Favorite Selena Gomez Song?
come & get it
good for you
all of them
same old love
i love you
like champion
good for you heart wants what it wants same old love
good for you
love you like a love song
who say
come and get it
i love you like a love song
like a champion
good for u. heart wants what it what
the heart want it want
who says
selena gomez good
slow down