Can you guess who are the top ten most handsome men in the world? If so here is a cool list, you wont believe who is on this list. If you think I missed someone please tell me who should be on this list OK

This is a really good list I have. I hope you agree with me. if not, tell me which is your favorite or which one do you think is the most handsome

So here are the most handsome men in the world:

1. Robert Pattison - Robert is a British actor who plays Edward in the popular movies twilight. He became famous will teen across the world after the movies twilight. And I believe he was in Harry Potter.

2. Tom Cruise - Tom Cruise has been in the top 10 list of the most handsome guys in the world because he has maintained he good looks throughout the years. He has made a lot of movies and has married some beautiful girls in the world. Tom's most famous movie is Top Gun.

3. Taylor Lautner - Again from the movie Twilight, Taylor has become very popular with teens because of his good looks and good acting.

4. Elvis Presley - Elvis legacy lives on still till this day, no wonder he has maintained the king of rock.

5. Paul Walker - after watching the movies the fast and the furious, Ppaul became more famous. [Update] Unfortunately we lost Paul. I am not sure if I should remove him from this list as he is no longer with us. What do you think, should I remove Paul?

6. Zac Efron - the movie called high school musical made Zac famous with all the Disney channel teen girls and now with this girlfriend. hmmm, I forgot her name.

7. William Levy - William is a Mexican actor, I don't know much about his career but throughout Latin America he is the most handsome guy

8. Denzel Washington - This list could not leave out a black American actor. Danzel is the most handsome black American actor. I am not sure if I should be using the word black, but I don't mean it that way.

9 Keanu Reeves - throughout Asia Keanu reeves is very popular and considered the most handsome men in the world with Asian women.

10. Prince William - European women love prince William, he is consider a handsome guy.

who is your favorite?