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want to get brigit mendler cell phone number to call her and tell her how much i lover her it would be so awesome to talk to brigit

hay guys, i finally was able to get brigit mendler cell phone number off a facebook page from my friend, he posted on his wall, i tried calling it but it didnt go through, so i was wondering if any one knows what is the correct number because i dialed it and i got a recording but i am not sure if i dial correct because i cant dial certain numbers outside where i live because i have limited plan so i can't call outside. please someone help me, i really want to talk to brigit and tell her she is awesome.
teddy do you want to do #love with spencer and then send to youtube
hi i have all the celebrity's cell phone number and they are full real so ask me any number you want thanks
bridget mendler phone number i realy need it
No u do not have their number stop posing as people and get a real life and they are not aloud to give out their number it's against celebrity rules
can u give me bridget mendler's sealena gomez's and zendaya coleman's phone number please
Please tell me taylor and Selena
Hey you inspired me to sing and people say I'm good u really changed my life thank u I am a big fan -jesi
what is bridgit medler
hi bridget i like your songs
Hi bridgit mendler I love u please call me
Bridget mendler I was going to see when you was going to Tennessee or Florida will u message me on this page will you plz because I IM going to go to one of then the reason why is because I live In Tennessee of LaFollette so I really need to no just texted on this page.........!
Hi I was wondering if I could have your number please I'm just a small town girl trying to make it to the top of the world!
Hi Brigit i really want to talk to you I love all your songs am really 13 I just turned 13
Hey its Madison I'm a big fan.I love your music.I sing to I hope you text me back.Also I'm ten years old
I love you you so cool I love your music so much
Hey Bridget I honestly am in love with all of your music and you are my real inspiration for my music. My favorite song of yours is ready or not. Just recently you inspired me to try out for my school play at Brauch middle school and after I did my audition the very next day I saw my name on the call back list, and I sang "Mama who bore me" from the musical Spring awakening although I did not make the play I know that I made it to the call backs and that was the first time that I preformed in front of somebody who was not family.
Hey Bridgit mendler can you be my friend your my biggest fan please respond back.

i love that you guys are trying to get to Bridget mender our favorite TV actress
Dear Brigit, Hi my name is Sarah. I love you on Good Luck Charlie. I am one of your biggest fans. I know your birthday is on December 18th, and so is mine. My mom said that I should invite you to my 9th birthday party... It would be awesome if you can come. I live in Brooklyn , ny.. So if you are in the area I would be honored to cut my cake with you!
Love your biggest fan Sarah
What is her number please tell us I got to know
I want one wish and it is to meet you
Hi my name is joleisha but my friends call me JoJo and i really love your shows good luck charlie i learned a lot of things and most of all i really love your songs
Hey Bridget mendler my name is Lexi Marie barnes and I'm ten years old,I love your music and I'm going to sing hurricane at my talent show at Crab Orchard Elementary school so I'm a huge fan of your and I watch good luck Charlie all the time.
What is your phone number please
Bridget please call Nine One Eight -Eight Four Five One Zero Four -Eight Nine Four Five One Zero Two I would love to talk to u and tell u how awsome an dgreat u are
i love u Bridget Mendler PLEASE CALL THIS NUMBER Nine Four Five One Zero Six Two Four Five One Zero Three Six Four Five One Zero Two Two
I'm her biggest fan in the universe I would love her to call me!!!!!
u are a awesome singer.I saw lemonade mouth.
I am he biggest fan ever i have been to sooooo many of her concerts!
WRONG and who writes out the numbers?!?! Weird......
hi why don't you guy give bridgti mendler phone number out and she is not your doughter so what are you going to do about it i love her so much
Hi guys , I'm Umut , Umut Baran Caz What is Bridgit Mendler Phone Number (Real Please )
brigit mendler's real phone number is Three For Zero Nine -Six Eight Seven -Nine For Zero Eight Five
yes umm have u talked to her with that number?? did u like hear her voice ?
Heyy have u guys ever mett bridgit mendler because i have and she signed a paper for my sis and her num. and it was Seven Seven Nine Two Four Five Four Five One Zero One Nine Two
I DOUT DAT RYAN!!!!If I call dat number I dour its ever gonna be dat number!
Is that ture she sign her number on the papper
i love watching good luck charlie when is series 3 coming to disney channel?
i want to know her phone number
i love bridget she is hot :P
Just wondering how you made your bed on good luck Charlie because my dad is trying to figure it out for my 15th birthday please let me know
i love Bridgit she so cute
your hot
i will be prouforming in florda at the theme park love yas<3
Hey Bridgit,
I am dying to meet u! I love u soooooooooooooooooooooooo much and more.Oh and ur show!:);)<3 are u going to be in florida in 2012? If u can please tell me back or tell me if u need my number! I dont know what I would do if i met u or even talked to u! I would be sooooooo happy! Ur amazing and soooooooooooooooooooooooo pretty! Every boy should want u! Not only Spencer and Emmit.....LOL!:) You dont even know how much i love u! Im truly ur number 1 fan and I want to meet charlie to.... sooooooooo cute.I am dyinggggggg so bad to meet u to! So if u can bring her with u i would.... i dont even know what i would! I would be soooo happy! thanks for your time!
hey bridgit i am dying to see you i love your show good luck charlie can you give me your number i just want to see you cause nobody likes me in school i have no friends i need advice i just want to meet you.
hey hey hey wazzup im portia and i luv singing and i luv good luck charlie and shake it up love ya xx
Hey!! I love your song Rocks At My Window! I fell in love with it when I first listened to it! I would love to text you to tell you how much I adore you!! :)
Hey! I know bridgit mendler's phone number! I have been doing research for a really long time! Actually there are a few I havn't tried yet so I'll just give you all of the ones I know of! 246-458-0333 1-915-57
she lives in california
i now katyperrys phone number Eight Four Five One Zero Five Seven Five Four Two One Three Eight
No Bridgit Mendler live in California
no she doesn't she lives in Missouri
the number is 21383145124 she lives in los angeles
Hi I'm am a huge fan you are great.i would love to be an actress someday. I love your voice too... I really like when you sing determination!
I really like your acting. Anyone can contact me for bridgets phone number at
(Four Five One One )Two Four Five One One Six -Two Seven Three -Two Four Five One One Six Four . Thx
Bridgit can u please give me ur number because its the only way that i can talk to u!!! U have inspired me to act and sing and i love good luck charlie!! I also want to interview u about ur career! (its good not bad) u r a very talented actress and i look up to u EVERY day and i really want meet u and i also want to talk to u!! U can give me ur number by emailing it to Flyersfan89 - at - Yahoo!.( U dont have to give me ur number although i would be the happiest person in the world!!!) thank u bridgit!! U rock!!!!!!!!!
Bridgit just wanted to know If u can give me ur real number? Thanks!
Can i have your phone number
i bridgit i am a big fan and i would love to meet you i leave in florida i love watching good luck luck charlie can u send me an email so that i know you got my message luv ya
I am your biggest fan,bridgit!Can you give me your phone number at my e-mail adress:mihaimuraru - at - rocketmail dot com ,on yahoo!?You are the best actress and singer!I'm watching:good luck,Charlie and lemonade mouth!You are awensome!Who's your boyfriend?(I just ask,I'm curious)Thank you very much!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤
Hi bridgit can I see you I don't need your phone number.
Hi im like ur number 1 fan i really wanna have ur phone number so we can be friends
Hey Bridgit I love you and tell Bradley and Jason I said hi

I love your show lemonade moth and good luck charlie u came to my scool sarah m roach remeber the box of scool suplies and mrs plummer princeabal can u please give me your number and im your big's fan ever
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