when i first saw i zendaya coleman wanted to know what was zendaya coleman ethnicity. she looks like asian or hispanic. but not sure. so i looked up zendaya coleman biography to find out because like many people i was wondering what was zendaya coleman race. some say she is african american because you know that zendaya coleman style is really good. zendaya coleman has such a big smile

why do you like zendaya coleman?

Zendaya Celebrity Quiz

Are you a true fan of Zendaya? If so, take this quiz to test how much you really know about Zendaya. If you are a true fan, you will get 100%. Good Luck!
If You Get Her Number, What Are You Going To Tell Her?
hi i am so glad to talk to you. what is it like playing a spy?
she is my role model and i look up to her
i love you
hi zendaya i am so happy. what is it like being a spy
how to be a spy
i love her
i love u daya u are my role model
hi zendaya l am liyah and u are my role model . i have always thought u were a great person
that i really am a huge fan of hers and its an honor to talk to you
zendaya u are my role model
i am a fan of her show and that can i get her number so i can talk to her about my brother can sing and she can hear him sing on youtubeand he g-a-y
i am a huge fan of you
you are my role model and i look up to you
you are really pretty and very talented and you are my role model
i am a really huge fan and love her songs and pics
i will tell her you are my favorite person ever you are my role model
hey zendaya im one of your biggest fans😍💗💖💝
i like your singing and your nice and i loved shake it up
What Do You Love The Most About Her?
her style and hair
i love she kick butt on k.c. undercover on disney channel
she is not afriad to be herself
her self
her personality
well she is funny and a great actor
she has a lot of joy and ambition and it makes me happy
her cuteness
her show
she is not afraid to be herself
i love her personality
she is a dancer and she is kind
her ambitious and joy
her style and har
what i love about her that she love to be her self
her really pretty hair and clothes
she is a great model and a lovely singer
her style
her cuteness and love
Which Is Your Favorite Song?
swag it out
swag it out
bottle you up
On What Show Did You See Zendaya?
shake it up
k.c undercover and shake it up
k.c undercover
on k.c undercover
k.c undercover, shake it up
kc undercover
shake it up
shake it up
shake it up and kc undercover
shake it up,k.c undercover