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this step by step tutorial guide will show you what you can do to over come an error that says press f1 to continue when booting your computer and it hangs on the message screen
How many times have you rebooted a server from a remote location, hoping that it will come back online. Its happened to me alot. I keep on pinging the server hoping so see reply back, but instead, i wait and wait and all i see are reply time outs.

When I ask my remote hands people, i have them connect a KVM to see what the error message is, only for them to tell me the server is at:

Press F1 To Continue, DEL to enter SETUP

Well, next time this happens to you, tell your remote hands people to disable it. How do you disable it? well, i will show you:

first get into the BIOS, in this example guide, i will be using an intel board i use for a customer's web site.

Step 1. So, this is the error message you will see (or your remote hands people)


Step 2. To go to the BIOS configuration, in my case, i am going to press "Delete" button. One i am in the BIOS, I am going to look for the "HALT ON" Option. Select it and choose the "No Errors" Options.


Step 3. Save your changes and reboot


SUMMARY: So what does all this mean? most likely you are not going to have the same BIOS as I do. But the idea is the same and simple:

1. access your BIOS - you can access your BIOS when the computer is starting up. usually pressing F2 or Delete or Esc will give you access to BIOS

2. once you are in bios, go into the Boot section and look for anything that would stop the computer if no floppy drive is found.

Newer computers dont come with floppy drives, so this should not be an issue with new computers.


i want to help as much people as i can, can you please tell me what kind of machine you are using when you got this error... please.

Manufacturer: (example, HP)
Model (DL360)
Type: (server or pc)
Any other information others can find useful.


thanks it works :)

hope you can others too
PC :Hp Compaq 7100dc ,
Type: Desktop
Installed cooler controller and now hi is giving this error every time i turn it on... :( Iam trying to turn it into little server...
happened probably a month ago.
and ive tried a couple different key boards and none of them will let me select f1 for setup nor f2 for continue. it will start up come to that screen and then stay. any help would be great thanks
i try this but not solved problem
Thanks, your ideas worked
looks very promissing forum to solve UR tech probs
hi thanks dude..!! its works i have a problem i could not have display on my monitor. only one dot like " - " blink on screen what can i do. my laptop is asus i3 and i inslalled win 7 on my pc.
First one check directly bios. Run up and down arrows 5 minutes. save bias setting default. Restart the system. Same problem issued? Check your Hard disk.(hdd is temp memory only accepted) So you change hdd.
Manufacturer: Redfox Model nop Type: desktop
Just perfect !!!!! after 5 hour with this problem and too many sites, you solve my problem in 2 second. THANKS A LOT.
I have the F1 problem on a Dell Dimension 4700 and a Dell Optiplex GX280
The problem happened on 1. Dell Server (Power Edge 2600 server )computer would you please show me the steps how to disable the message "Press f1 to continue"
dear kindly tell me woh to remove f1 start option from my system my system is hp dx66100 mt dx439av
system bios 786 v02.15
and kindly send me link for im install bios for my system
and plz tell my how to install bios plz help me im very needfull.
Great answer, you save my time....thanks!
Most excellent! I have been searching for an answer to this problem for hours. Such a simple solution. Thank you.
i have same problem with my clone pc, it only display intel and at the bottom f2 for bios f10 boot menu and freezes needs f1 to continue windows
thank u!!! i done it
i have an HP compaq dc7800 running Intel Q35 Express Chipset. The bios doesn't have any feature to turn off the errors
thank you so much
Hey that was ...!
i am using pc and my os is win xP..AMD board
thanks a lot...
This was Such a Wonderful Information. It Really Worked for Me in my Computer. Am Running on Windows XP SP3. Thank You Very Much.
intel hp dc 7700 can u help me out how to disable it...o shall be thankful to you regards: waleed
Hullow, I've tried several times running windows xp on my PC but when it restarts during installation,it presents "F1:BOOT" & When i press it, installation starts all again Help me please! My PC is Compaq,(Pentium III) Thanks alot, David
Hello, My PC also have this problem, but i cannot find the 'halt on'. my PC is samsung brand. thank you
Thanks for this post. It reqlly helps.
Thanks a lot I have been battling with this problem for so long now...Thank you very much.
hi, i have same issue when i unplug the power supply from source, it keeps me from "press F1 to continue" but i already did follow from what you said above. could you help me with this? My bios: Biostar (award) Pocessor: AMD board Thanks in advance.
Wow ! so good i have clear my PC, thank you to help me can fix my pc
Holy crap I've been trying to figure this out forever. I didn't search very hard, but now that I've got a bunch of remote servers that won't come up, I'm glad you posted this. Thanks man!
Ubsolutely well...this is a good tip .thanks guys really appreciate.
THANKS A LOT! Really helps!
HI, This is good post,but we have Dell PE R410 server, which being restart uncertainly since last month. cuold anybody tell me what might b the problem?

THANKS ...................
A very big thanks for your valuable information & your open mind to share with those who don't know it before now, thanks ones again.
thanks for valuable information........
thanks for valuable information.............. a lot
Thanx man.
nice buddy....this s nice post...
Thx a lot man....ur the best!!
Muchas Gracias Thanks a lot
Hi, Thanks a lot for your idea. It really worked. You are simply superb. Thanks a lot again. Regards Surendar
Thanks a lot!
Ossam!!!!!!!!!! man trying to solve this probleum from past 9 months, but thanks to you.......
so i also had the same problems with my computer saying "flopy disk faild press f1 to continue or del to setup" and it was fixed by what you said about the (halt at no errors) on the bios.

i would also like to say that i am not a coputer geek nor know even what type of computer i have. witch is really sad. but here is what i do know .....

i have a AMD athlon 64 processor 3000 ...and my bios version is v1.6 062305...and
a phoenix-award bios cmos..
im also runing Windows Xp home edition..
and i have a DSG system name on the front of my coputer. does this make any sence? lol it dosent for me. when i have a problem with my coputer i serach for an answer from coputer gods like as yourself. thanks alot and hope to hear from you
Thought it couldn't be much wrong, but oh how easy to fix with this persons knowledge, genius. Pat.
floppy error [40] i tryed every possible way to fix this , the mans a genius 10 out of 10
thanks steve
Thanks a lot for your help. But I tried many times as I mentioned above, my pc is not still working properly. My PC is gigabyte. I don't know what to do. Pls, help me how to solve my PC problem. Thanks, With Regards!
thanks a lot for help, tooks 30 sec. only, was so easy
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