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how to know if you are pregnant without taking a home pregnancy test are there any ways to tell if you are pregnant without taking a pregnancy test?
are there any ways to tell if you are pregnant without taking a pregnancy test?

ok, the first thing people say you know you are pregnant is that you get hungry alot. true or false? true, this is true because you're body is preparing with energy because all that energy you are going to need it with a child in your belly

vomiting - yes, this is true, you will want to vomit more often

eat crazy food combinations - true

your chest hurts - false

your feet get swallen - this is only true after your belly has gotten bigger

your period stops coming - true

NOTE: this is an informative post to help people give them ideas about your health.

Are you scared of being pregnant? why?

Your 12? WTF is wrong with you?!? That kid was 10 And you " made love " to him!? He's not ready to be a Dad as well as your not ready to be a mother, if your pregnate then that baby is ether going to have to be put up for adoption or you'll have to keep it. Why did you even chose a 10 year old? If your pregnate it could ruin your and as well as his life.
Well if you haven't had your period yet I wouldn't be to worried. And well I am 17 and two weeks late right now I'm not ready to take a test yet though. But i'm scared cause although I go to a teen parent school (I'm part of the early college program) I am not ready to be a mom plus my boyfriend(would be baby daddy) Is leaving for basic in a few months and my parents hate his guts
I know it sounds silly but one day and my boyfriend were fooling around and he fingered me i know thats not a way of having love but watever i just wanna know can i get pregnet i didnt see nothing on his fingers so i really dont know PLEASE HELPP
hello , im 19 i have a daughter whos almost two and another one on the way , if ur 12 and ur havung love with a 10 year old and you think your pregnant go see a doctor i know its prolly harder for you as your 12 , but just go to the doctor and see you always have the option of an abortion hun , your 12 your not to be a MOM ! you wont have a teen life like most ppl do , i kno when i got pregnant at 17 my partying and hanging out with friends til 4-5am was going to change , and now im pregnant again , and its not a bad thing for me , but as for you YOUR TO YOUNG !
Abbie, you're still very young so it's pretty normal for your period to be jumping about. If you're still concerned about it, talk with your mother/carer and you can go to the doctor. They can put you on the pill to regulate your period.
Hey im 15, im not worried that im pregnant im just wondering, i have a fairly bloated stomach and randomly getting tored at like 7:30 which isn't usual for me, ive missed my period but its irrregular already, ive been having mean as headaches, but i dont vomit ( mornig sickness) is there a possibilty im pregnant?
I am 17, turning 18 in July. For me weight isn't a problem, but i notice when i've gained or lost weight (because im a rather small girl) I'm normally about 98-100 pounds but latley i'm at the 107 mark... not a huge deal, but its weird for me.
I have had sore breast for a couple weeks now (extremly sore) and that is also odd for me. (but my breasts hurt if i've been gaining weight.. growing?)
I don't know what my period is like, or when im suppose to have it, because i've been off and on of birth controls.
I'd like to say I've been nautious but i get that way under stress. So i don't know if i'm getting morning sickness.
My stomach does look a little bloated? If ive been stressed (which would be causing me to be nautious) i wouldn't be able to eat as much (causing me to loose weight) and if it is morning sickness and i'm gaining weight... then im thinking i could be pregnant?

Like i said i'm off and on with birth control, i'm terrible for remembering to take the pill.. and me and my boyfriend have been having unprotected love for almost 5 months.

Clearl the chances of me being pregnant are high, but i have had lots of scares just like this, and its turned out negative.... ugh!
im ashanti, im 16. and i think i might be pregnant. me and my boyfriend had unprotected love about 7 days ago and he came in me :( . but since my stomach has been bloated having gas, back and lower stomach camps, as if my period was coming on but i know its not because my period just came off 2 days before my boyfriend came in me. but i took a pregnancy test like 3 days after we had love. and it was negative. Was that to early? Could i be pregnant? & i have told my mom. dont know how to because i know she's gonna be disappointed. how should i tell her?
HEY EVERYONE, I am 17 years old and I just had a healthy baby boy in November. Please everyone, remember there are always options. I got pregnant when I was 16, and it was so scary at first! Honestly, my boyfriend and I did think about abortion, but we couldn't go through with it. After awhile, you get extremely used to being pregnant and your family is going to be there for you no matter what! THERE ARE ALWAYS OPTIONS! At first, I was going to keep my son, but I adopted him out to two family friends who have always wanted a child. I have never been happier! I still get to see me son whenever I want, and I am still living and growing and helping myself grow stronger everyday! It is a beautiful experience, but it is not for everyone! I am lucky to say that my boyfriend and I were in love. I do not think you should have unprotected love OR come inside. This was an accident and we used a condom and everything, but that shows you that it was mean't to be. Please if you are younger than 18, do not have love or at least not unprotected love. I would have liked to be ready for this experience and out of school! Please! Sincerely, Alexandra.
yes i am scared of being pregnant. Because i am only 15, and i have many things left in my life to complete before starting a family. But i have gotten alot bigger in the stomach area in a short period of time and i highly doubt im just getting fat. I have also been eating more than usual. I really dont know what to do at this point. im scared.
dear young girls that are confused and not sure and dont know if you are pregnant ,and girls that are scared ,please that you can go to pregnancy centre in your city for some help and some answers ,there they can test you and will help you out . the staff there can help you deal with situation no matter what it is ,,i know you may be young and scared but there is always a solution to a problem. and pregnancy centre is annonymous organization they will not go calling parents and other people if you dont want .you will receive help.
Hey Briana, i also am experiencing the same as you.. but in my case, i am scared
I'm extremely scared I don't know yet but I'm scared everyone is going to abandon me and I'm still young and finally able to go out and have fun. But i may not be able to now and trying to get back together with the guy since before this now im scared that we deffinetly wont get back together and i dont know what to do..I know no one will except it since im not even 18 yet and in high school. everyone will call me a whore so i dont know what to do.........
Well I'm also 17 years old. And I am terrified of being pregnant because I'm about to graduate in 2 months and I am also going to college 2 months after that and I think I am too young to be having kids but I took a quiz and there is a 17% chance that I am and I am just very scare!!! Like I have my whole life ahead of me and I don't want that to change because of a kid.. I think I would be a great mom and he or she would have a great father and family but I want to be able to provide the best for my child not a still in school and going to the army mom and dad... I want to be settled and married....
Im 17 years old and will be 18 in September. I started making love to my ex boyfriend when i was 15‚ I became pregnant my first time making love with him. I was 16 when i became a mother to my darling baby girl who will be 1 in June. To this day i love her more then anything in the worl‚I would do anything for her. My mother was disappointed with me when she found out only 8 months into my pregnancy that i was pregnant.(she only found out 8 months later because i ran away ro live with my ex boyfriend for my whole pregnancy) The only ones that stood by my side were my grandmother my ex boyfriend‚ his mother‚ his brother and sister𠆪s well as all 8 of my older brothers and my only older sister. Now life is so much better with my new boyfriend and my baby girl which he takes as his own. To add more joy to my life im expecting again. I personally love the feeling of being pregnant. Its a wonderful feeling to feel your baby move around inside of you. I honestly cant wait for my baby to grow and start moving around in my belly.
Me and my boyfriend have been trying to have a baby. I love kids and I raised my niece most of her life from newborn until she was 4. So I know I can handle it. I am hoping I am pregnant. Only thing is the health department where I live will only give a home pregnancy test. They won't do the blood test. And I have been having negative tests but I am still having symptoms.
Raising a child isnt easy i have a 10 month old and plus im expecting an other child and im a young mother. I was 16 when became pregnant and im almost 18. I graduated high school. I was and still am financially mentally stable. Its differant when your raising a child that is not yours from a child that is yours.
hi i am a bit worried about being pregnant as much as i would for me and my partner to have one she is trans gender and will be going to have her change soon hopefully for her so at the moment yes she still has the male parts but her doctor has given her some pills to make any hair grow back that she may of lost over the last 10 years and if i was to get or be pregnant while she is taking this the read up of these pills would have bad effects on the baby as it grows and would be born with side effects and mutations as you cant even toutch the pill if you are pregnant also as it is that harmful to the baby the pill she is taking is called finasteride 5 mg i would like to hear what someone thinks of this as i am worried sorry about my spelling zena rhodes zena.rhodes - at - gma thank you for your time
i do have two teenage girls too and love them hole heartly they live with there father who i left three mouths ago as i was so unhappy with him and really wanted them to come with me but cos of tiffany being trans gender they wont as their father has a very closed mind set that has rubbed off on my girl i really do miss them and would do anything for them im here if and when they need me and would never give up on them even though they hate me at the moment is there anyone out there who can relate to me or has any they would like to ask me zena
i have been to the doctors today and they have confurimed that i am pregnant im so scared
hw cud u guyz go on lyk dis ... juz think abt d b4 doin each n evrything .. n also abt ur parents whoz being taking care of u all....
i m also 13 and from a month i m feeling like my stomach is coming out...i m really stressed...plz some body tell me that i m pregnant or not...plz help me....
im 18 and my boyfriend has came in me twice after i had my period. we both thought that if i had my period i wouldnt get it but i have been showing signs of pregnancy. help me out. am i pregnant and is it possible to get pregnant after you finished your period.
Im 15 Years Old And I Had Sex For The First Time, My Stomach Has Been Hurting Since, I Feel Like Throwing Up All The Time, & My Nipples Hurt, Am I Pregnant ?
Hi im 15 and have had unprotected love for 6 months. but im on bc. The last time i had love a few days later i got sick. i had to go on antibiotics which cancels out the bc. Even before i got sick my breasts hurt, lower abdomen vramping, bloating, and a bigger appetite. Could thiss be pregnancy?
Hunny your mom will say that shes disappointed in you and things will be tough! But sometimes you just have to take life as it is and push forward, go to your mom tell her you need to talk to her and tell her everything...
Im 16, and I was on birthcontrol but i got my period while taking the pill so i stopped taking it, when my period was over i missed pills. I havent had my period in about 34 days now, i always get it every 21-23 days. I took a pregnancy test on the 23rd day and it came up negative. Yet i still havent gotten my period and im starting to show some signs of pregnancy, such as fatigue and nausea around 6 pm. Is there a chance im pregnant, should i take another test ?
Hi im 16 years old and me and my boyfriend had love and we did use protection but im scared that im pregnant because i havent gotten my period for about 2-3 weeks now is it still possible to get pregnant when using protection
I'm 17 and me and my boyfriend had love and I haven't had any pregnancy symptoms but I didn't have a period at all in April and I'm also overweight and have been stressed for school finals and state tests and papers due. How can I tell if I really am?
I am 20 years old. My husband and I have been married for two months. My period is irregular so I can't go by that. I have been having some pains in my stomach that lasts a few minutes, I about pee on myself when I sneeze, I have consistent back pains, headaches every hour and my breast are tender and feel like are swelling. I feel like I have a watermelon under my shirt.
the only way u could get pregnant while using protection is if the condom broke or if u missed taken birth control u could be late from stressing over thinking ur pregnant
The condm could have already had defects that you did not know even if it didn't break there is still a sliht chance you could have gotten pregnant. If you are still in school you should not be having love. It can seriously wait ad when you get older you realize that. If you are too young to raise a baby, you are too young to have love. You should not have love until you are 18 because then you are an adult and make your wn decisions with your own consequences....even later is better. But obviously kids are till going to have love, so it is best to use condoms the ENTIRE time that you have love, not just before he finishes because precum can have sperm in it too. and also be on birth control so you are double protected. But even then there is still a chance of getting pregnant..the only way to make sure you will not get pregnant is abstinence. I just had to post something after reading all of these girls adoptive parents were very open with me so I learned of all of the dangers and was able to talk to them whenver about whatever. It is sad that all of these young people are not better informed on what could happen. And the post from the married 17 year old girl with a 5 month old and a 2 year old...that is just soo sooo sad. what a shame. i am glad that i was able to go through high school and the first part of college without having a baby, now i know that when i do have a child of my own (i help raise my bfs 3 year old son)...i have an education that i can get a job and support my children with. that is just too young to have a baby. I am so glad that she loves being a mother...but the way she said it kinds looked like she was encouraging it, and that is wrong. of course you will love your baby and being a parent...but you should still wait because it is sooo hard. babies are expensive. think of what you need and how much of it you need. like a crib, clothes, diapers (lots and lots and lots of diapers for the next few years depending on wen your child is potty trained), formula if not breast feeding or even if you are, bottles, breast pump, stroller, high chair, blankets, toys, monitors, and soooo much more. Now go to a website and see how much all of that costs. and that is only for one baby....not including when they grow up and need bigger clothes and other things that you will need as your child ages. Kids are super expensive. So next time you wanna make love...think abot those prices. Oh, and you won't get much sleep either. You will be exhausted and not able to stay awake in class so your grades will most likely drop and who knows what happens after that. Just be smart :)
iv been on yasmin for 7 months now...a week back i used Septilin tablets and Tibb-renotone and we didnt have protected love with my partner....does these medication affect the pill im using??? please help
hello, basically im on the microgynon 30 i took my last pill on sunday 29th april, but i bleed a little that same day and for the day after. the 3rd day i didnt but later that evening my and my boyfriend had love and i did bleed a little and since then i've had bad discharge. i wasnt actaully due to have my period until friday 4th of may but it never came and still hasnt. i am having pains like i am on my period just with no bleeding. what you think it could be ?
I'm so late on this thing...but i think u are pregnant...what u had sounds like implantation bleeding and and the pain sounds like implantation cramps...well by now i guess u've found the answer
so... i was just wondering.. did you end up getting pregnant? im kind of in the same situation.. and im not sure what to think
well if u dont wana have a baby use a condom
actually i just found out that i am pregnant and i got pregnant right after my period was over
To all those young girls on this page who are having love, you are still babies. at 13 you shouldn't be having love. The consequences of unprotected love are HIV/AIDs unwanted pregnancy, etc. At 13, can you really raise a baby. Babies are hard work. YOu girls needs to educate yourselves before having love. Go to school and get educated. Stop sleeping around because having a child at 13 is not good.
i might be pregnet, and i am scared of it. and i don't know what my parents are gonna do to me.
If u really think ur pg u should sit down n talk to ur parents bout it but if u want take a few test during the week in the.morning ur first pee of the day. N if it negitive try thr next week just to b sure n if it positve talk to ur parents but try talk to the one u know will nt completly freak out. So yall both can talk to the other parent. Even if u r scared and u teally r pg u need to let ur parents kno so u can see a dr n go from there. Honestly i told my mom first then she told my dad n the second time my husband told my dad .. ps im only 17 n have a two year old n a 5 month old. N i love being a mother.
Yes it is possible to get pregnant and still have a condom on
im sortove overweight and im 13 but whenever i move quickly or breath heavily i feel a sortove kicking feeling near my stomach but ive not had love
seriously.. your not going to be pregnant unless you have had intercourse with a man.
hey , so last night i have love with the guy i'm talking too, and we used a condom but for like 30 seconds we didn't? do you think that i am pregnant?
Hey, I'm pregnat and im 16 years old and all you girls on here that are worried becuase you had love well that ahows you that your not ready. I made a mistake and had love and got pregnat the first time i had love. I promise you just should wait.
Look guys, if you honestly are scared of getting pregnant, then here is a thought... dont have love.. you are not ready yet. If you think you are pregnant the only right thing to do is talk to your parents. they should take you to to the doctors. unlike my parents they kicked me out and now im leaving o my own with my boyfriend with no money, sleeping in trolleys and subways. just saying dont do it if you are not ready. <3 xoxo
Im 15 and i had love with my boyfriend and im terrified that im pregnant....
hey don't feel bad. i just turned 16 and theres a 90% chance that i am. so you are not alone.
am not scared of being pregnant but when i tested at home,da results were negative but i still have a feeling dat am pregnant wat do i do coz ifi go at our family doctor,he will tell ma mum about it
U guys honestlt should not have intercourse if ur not ready to take on the responsibilities that come along with it. Ive been trying to get pregnant for a year and a half with no luck. So in my opinion u guys need to wait. Dont rush into things
Hey im 19 and i had love with my boyfriend. I don't feel the same no more I feel like my body has change. I think I might be pregnant. There's a big chance because the condom broke.I been having all the symptoms but when I took the test it said negative I took it more than once and it still showed negative. I'm confuse I don't know what to do.
Well its going to be a full month on friday and no period. I have very little cramping, super itchy on my arms, and some soreness on my whole back. I dont know what to think. Should i give it more time??
Ok I see some women looking down on the younger generation and acting like there bigger and better cause they did things, Calm down your nothing better. Nobody is truely prepared to be a mother, these baby's are blessings, the one's who've had these babies are stronger. The one's who are pregnant keep your head up and don't let anyone get you down. I am 19 years old, I been missing since March 3,2012 last period was February 3. I have had many symptoms but negative to blood and urine. It happened to my mom till she was 7 months and my sister till she was 5 months. I'll admit it, I'll be happy, it will be scary though, but you think about it, the baby would be my main prioty and giving the best of everything. To all the younger ones talk to your parents, sure they'll be disappointed and all but what you need to worry more about is your baby. That should be the only one you should be worrying about. Your parents will get over it but if you trust them you should surely get there support. Once you have your babies it won't be the way it use to. My sister is 17 a 2 year old and a 3 month old and she got her diploma. And she is going for college this summer. I'm already graduated. But I'm a volunteer teaching people who need help with Literacy. I love helping people. And with a wise mind you all will get through. You seen how harsh lady Ashlee had been there will be many other people just like her thinking there older well educated and better. There nothing better there human like all of us. So don't listen to there nonsense. Kill them with kindness.
I am 19. I have been having pregnancy symptoms for about a week now I haven't had a period in almost a month and I've been getting headaches light headed nauseous strange food cravings is there a chance that I might be pregnant
I'm about to be 16 and I think I am. And I dont know what to do because my grandparents mite put him in jail. Im really scared! Help.? I need help on how I would tell them because they are the type that will kill me and I need help
can i get pregnant if i dry hump w. my boyfriend but he had 2 pants on & i had 2 pants on too w. ah pad n then his sperm goes through his pants n my pants but idk about my panties
Hi well its been 41 days tht i havent gotten my period last one was in may 13 and now its june 22 can anybody help plzz and yes i had love 2days after my period i havent been on birth control none of tht neither misscarriage
wow i just cant believe whats happening tu this world today im reading all these ost and all i see is babies haveing babies or scared tu think they are smh!! rap it up its sooo sad
I did not become a mom at such a young age i really dont know where i would be today. I was pregnant and married at the age of sixteen. I had to matured a lot but if it was not for my daughter coming into this world at the time she did. I can honestly say i dont know where i would be right now. I wish that teenager would make better chooses because it is hard to be a mother, teenager, high school drop out, and a wife at the same time. What teenager dont realize is that "man" of theirs will not always be there. It usually the parents that are there for the babies because the mother has went crazy or the daddy aint around then who is there to raise the baby. It is depressing that some of the younger people prefer to be parents.
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