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Without OBD II

On many nissan and infinity models, the ecu contronl module computer cna be found under the dashboard on the passenger side kick panel. G20 models, the ECU is located behind the center console. On J30, M30 and Q45 models, the ECU is located behind the RH kick panel.

If a problem occurs in the ECU/fuel injection system, a diagnostic trouble code may be stored in the ECU and the ‘‘Check Engine’’ lamp will blink ro stay solid. Theres also a lamp built into the ECU which will concurrently blink but not on all model, I have a 1996 Nissan 300zx and it doesn't have a led light to indicate this. To get the code, do this:

Turn ignition On, but do not start engine.

Using a small screwdriver, turn diagnostic mode selector switch, located on side of ECU, fully clockwise.

Wait two seconds, then rotate switch to full counterclockwise position.

A malfunction code can be read as the long (0.6 second) blink, indicating the first digit of a two digit number and the short (0.3 second) blink, indicating the second digit.

Ensure that the diagnostic switch is to the full counterclockwise position whenever the vehicle is in use.


On G20 and I30 models, connect a suitable Scan Tool to the DLC, located under instrument panel fuse box cover.

Clearing Codes

If using a scan tool, follow tool manufacturer’s instructions to clear Codes.

A second, though more time consuming method of clearing codes involves using a small screwdriver to turn the diagnostic mode selector switch, located on the side of the ECM/ECU, fully clockwise. After waiting two seconds, rotate the switch to the full counterclockwise position. The diagnosis will end and memory will then be cleared.

Here is a list of codes to check with:

P0100 - MAF Sensor

P0110 - IAT Sensor

P0115 - ECT Sensor

P0120 - TP Sensor

P0125 - ECT Sensor

P0130 - Front HO2S RH Bank

P0135 - Front HO2S Heater RH Bank

P0136 - Rear HO2S RH Bank

P0141 - Rear HO2S Heater RH Bank

P0150 - Front HO2S LH Bank

P0155 - Front HO2S Heater LH Bank

P0156 - Rear HO2S LH Bank

P0161 - HO2S Heater LH Bank

P0171 - Fuel Injection System Lean RH Bank

P0172 - Fuel Injection System Rich RH Bank

P0174 - Fuel Injection System Lean LH Bank

P0175 - Fuel Injection System Rich LH Bank

P0180 - Fuel Temperature Sensor

P0300 - Multiple Cylinder Misfire

P0301–P0306 - Misfire Cylinders 1–6

P0325 - Knock Sensor

P0335 - CKP Sensor

P0340 - CMP Sensor

P0400 - EGR Function

P0420 - TWC Function

P0430 - TWC Function

P0443 - EVAP Canister Purge Control Solenoid Valve

P0500 - VSS

P0505 - IACV-AAC Valve

P0600 - A/T Control & Communication Line

P0605 - ECM-ECCS Control Module

P0705 - PNP Switch

P1150 - Wastegate Valve Control Solenoid Valve

P1155 - Wastegate Valve Control Solenoid Valve

P1160 - Turbocharger Boost Sensor

P1220 - Fuel Pump Control Module

P1320 - Ignition Signal

P1336 - CKP Sensor

P1400 - EGRC Solenoid Valve

P1401 - Temperature Sensor

P1443 - Canister Control Vacuum Check Switch

P1605 - A/T Diagnosis Communication Line

P1900 - Cooling Fan
where can i located the ecu on my 2001 I30 Infinity?
how about the eti engine?
im talking about the homy 1996 model
this have no diagnostic controler?
how do i know what was the problem of it?
then i have 2nd problem know,,
when i change my nozzle tips and install it
the engine smoke turn to white. not unlike to the previous

can you help as to this problem to our nissan homy 1996 model japanese vehicle
i have a nissan quest 2000. i found some code in it: p0340,p0325,p0139,po138 then again p0340,p0325, and p0733, i just wanna where is the location of these parst.i have no idea.
i have a code that reads 1456 on an 03 qx4. what is that code ???
2001 infinity i30 p0505
replaced iac valve with no luck
cannot increase or decrease rpm's with scanner
how do you set the throttle position sensor on a 2000infinity qx4?? any suggestions
my car failed emission with a code p0128 what problem does that indicate
i have 1999 g20 the canobd2 code reads po118 what needs fixin? thanks.
i have a 2004 350z, what is the fault with a code p1217?

thanks in advance.
need to fix stereo beeeeep no power x ni fuse cover with diagram need please resp[ond em c
i was looking for the location ho2s 1995 i30
my 2001 qx4 with 129,000 miles has service engine soon light- diagnostics printed two codes-
po171 and p1320
what is my likely problem?
i put my x4 q44 on the scanner an it comes up the knock sensor or circuit connection. can you please tell me how to change the knock sensors or is this a major job. i put new fuel injectors new mfs air filter plugs fuel pump. this car i bought for my sons birthday a month ago. so if you can help me i would be deeply appritiated. if u like to call me my # is z3x-44x-3zyx anytime. i live in ft.myers fl. thank you very very much for your time..
where can i locate the iat sensor on 96 nissan p/u four cylinder,two wheel drive? code p0110
i have 98 i-30 w/ 3 error codes: p0325 (knock sensor)
p0141 (rear h02s heater rh bank) and p1105 or p1150.
car has 150 k on it, trying to decide if worth fixing or not. have owned the car since new -- running great.
what does it take to fix these?
my state requires environ codes must be fixed at inspection. do all of these apply? have been running reg. gas -- is that part of my problem? how difficult/much to fix (cost?) thank you.
i have code 1320 in my car,also i have check engine soon, how can i fix it!!
i have 2000 q45 with the service engine soon light on.
i took the car to autozone and let them give oem codes that the car's computer listed:
p0330 these codes mean serious repair to my car that only the dealer can fix? or can i take it to a good foriegn car mechanic or repair shop? .
i have a 96 i30 infinity that is spiting&spurting and don't want to run, ihave to keep my foot on the gas an brake at the same time.
this is a very good thing you are doing for people. how do i know if the catayla converter is not working properly? i had the timining belt changed in a 97 j30 and the radator changed and it got hot and stopped idleing up. don't know where anti freeze is going.
i have an infiniti i30 and they coded my test as p0140 sensor circuit no activity..malfunction indicator light..what does that mean and how much am i looking at?please advs??
i want place to know the code p0110 and p1320
where in engine or you can send the pictures of the codes bec, i want to replace from engine but i don't know the place
my car infinity qx4 model 2001

my service engine light has been on for 3 months car is running fine.vehicle 2003qx4 just failed inspection obd systems diagnostic trouble code present 1456 what is wrong with my vehicle?
I have 2002 Nissan Infinity G20 automatic gear box. I changed the engine recently for the same and the car drove for few minutes and stoped. We suspected the control board therefore decided to change the fuelling to gas. Also the car has given me the same problem today. Who has the answer please. Is it the code?. Where can I find it and how do I change it or reconfigure the code for my car to run???Pls help help
nissan infinity dose not accelarate but run with idle speed. v8,engine with electirical accelarator padal.what is the solution?
Hi what and how do I replace, for error reading P0171 - Fuel Injection System Lean RH Bank on my 19996 I30 Infinity 3.0L V6. Also I find your site very helpful, and have passed this link on to my friends.

I found this info very helpful. The power of knowing is very good today for anyone especially a woman, although some women can't function at all, no smarts, no power. Knowledge Is Power!
Nissan 2.4i hardbody 12 valve ka24e motor. It started jerking on the highway,backfiring. Later it didnt want to start. I had a tech from nissan here clearing faults and it showed air intake temp sensor defect. He told me to buy a new airflowmeter. I out in the new airflowmeter. If the airflowmeter is connected, the vehicle doesnt start. If I disconnect it, the engine starts, but runs rough. auto electrician, but he said the ecu transponder is defective. I took the ecu for a test to someone else, and they said nothing wrong. I dont know what to do now?
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