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hello everyone. we r currently promoting a fashion catalog for this year.
we need to recruit 10 models for family oriented clothing store.
the theme this year is going to be nature.
we need people from different backgrounds.
if you feel you are different and unique you may qualify.
you must be over the age of 15. however. if u r under the age if 18, parental approval is REQUIRED. no exceptions! please let us know what are your qualities

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i have little experience in modeling, but i am hoping to change that soon. i believe i can do this because i am comfortable with my body, and have a bubbly personality. i'm really trying to put myself out there, and be proactive.
age: 14
height: 5'6
weight: 105lb
shoe size: 8 1/2-9
hips: 32"
waist: 24"
bust: 30"
body type: petite
hi i am 16 years old. my dream has been to be a model since i was younger. i use to have tons of pics taken of me when i was younger bc i was so cute. i think i have what it takes to be a model. email me if u think i am good enough to make it because i promise hiring me wont be no regret.
she has a smile of a winner
send me a email,, at - yahoo.no
hello! :) my name is amelia. i am 16, 5'8. and a healthy 145lbs. i am very interested in modeling. thanks :)
hi! i'm jaena. i am 16 years old.
i've done one photoshoot before. modeling is my passion and it is something i enjoy doing!
i'm german and white.
i am very petite, i weigh 103 pounds and i'm 5'4. i have hazel eyes and dirty blonde hair.
i have a website, feel free to e-mail me and i will give you the link!
i would love to model for you.
e-mail me if you are interested.
hi jaena,
i think you're very beautiful.
i'm not a professional modeling agent, but if you would like to try your pursuing a career in nyc, i would support you. i'm very knowledgeable about business & also speak german.
please correspond with me direct at: - yahoo!
d ted
i am interested in modeling
hi, i've never modeled professionally before, but i think i would be quite good at it. i have very tan skin because i play water sports as well as i am of african american and caucasian descent. i'm 16 and very tall for my age, with no shoes i stand about 5'10 tall. i weigh about 165 lb. i have brown eyes and curly brown/blonde hair. i also have completely clear skin. please notify me if anything comes up :) thanks.
hey guys my name is devon and im a teen promo model that has been working on becoming a model for a longtime, hopefully this will be my big break...contact me at d e v o n t e r o s s - at - hot mail/1 really look forward to hearing from you guys
hay my name is lelanie i would really liike to become a model....love taking fotos and everything
hello, my name is ferma . i'm from congo & france. i'm 17 years old and would like to become a model. so far i've received emails from the modeling industry saying that i have the look for models. i'm interested in that and i wanna try my chances. please contact me on my email.
you are werry sveet, i have a jobb fore you.
im 21 years old. i always wanted to model but i was unable to do so. i don't have much experience but walking in fashion shows. my information is
height:5'8[r3t0rn 27
chest: 36 d
hello my name is serene and i'm 16 years old. i have a healthy figure and i'm well proportioned. people have told me i should model and now i'm really interested.
Would love to model please email if any opportunities become available.
I'm 13 I love taking pictures and wanna start modeling
Email me for my number . I would love to be a model!!
I have taken pictures for modeling befor but I dont really have any experience but I think I have great potential to become one!
no experience in being a model, but im ready to learn...
Girl Model Wanted!!!If like it please feel to contact me..
I was interested in modeling and saw your comments. Is a position still available?
Heyeah. Always been looking for modeling jobs. im 14 and 5ft 7 with shoulder length black hair :)
Well I have wanted to be a model since I was a little girl and I really want to show people my self if u like this don't be afraid to email me
join us on yahoo, maeby we can help
Im just ready to show off my talent of modeling
Hello, my name is Jeff and I own . I manage model/actress. If your 18 and interested let me know. This is the website and you can email me at - at - h The site:www
Hi my name is Antionette Bell im One Eight years old and I really have a passion for Modeling.I dont have experience,but I am willing to learn.Please contact me when you get the chance Seven Six Two Two Four Five One Zero Nine Four Five One Zero Nine Nine Five ...Thank you
i dont have any experience about modeling... bu interested...
Hi! My Name is Cara Caudle I am 15 years old, I dont have much experience but im constantly taking pictures and love the camera! (:
Hi my name is Elizabeth. I've always wanted to model and act. Please contact me!
Hi this message is for Elizabeth. I am 15 and I live in new York. I would love to go out with u or be friends with u. When u get this message PLEASE email me a - at - nycap.rr dot com . I also think that u would be a very good model. U are very beautiful. Bye
Dear Elizabth
Iam a Photographer..
we need a models for our company.no need any experience
if you like this plz contact me
thilankasub - at - Google
I am an amateur photographer doing shoots on the water with my boat. All modeling has to be done with age limit of 18-19 years of age. Not sure you meet those requirements?
Im 14 years old. Looking to sing, act, or model. I ride horses play basket ball, and I'm also a part of my cross country team at my school.
Hello, i see you wil bee a model, send ME a mail, - at - yahoo.no
Hi, My name is Kirsty , i m currently 15 years ld, and I believe I would suit your needs! my details are as follows:

Heigh 5,5
Waist: 22
Hips: 32
Chest: 28B
Eye Colour: Brown
Hair Colour: brown
Hair Length: Medium

Please check out my portfolio on:
hope to hear from you soon!
Kind Regards,
Hi Kirstey, I think you're stunning... where can I see your portfolio? Thx,Ted
I'm very interested please contact me! Tank u.
I am very intrested!!
I'm very interested! Sounds like fun and a great experience!
Very interested 15 yrs old Currently a runway model. Contact me with some info. What city you live in?
hello my name is Courtney, im 16 years old, i have an interest in working with you, i have never done modelling apary from my school fashion shows.
Contact me I need some models for a project I work on. Contact me at: joedahlberg - at - hot
Hi my name FaridaSo I'm 16 and I have even modeling since I was 8, I would love to work with u
Hello I am looking for teen models, please email photos and measurements to TRINIZZE (at) yahoo . com thanks!
hey my names Eliabeth Hurley ( yes like the actress but i'm sure i'm not her ) i am 14 years of age and are interested in helping you in your advertising. Please reply back to me regaurding your choice via my email address i have provided. Thank you
Hello my name is Elizabeth Grubbs,i am 19 years old. Im from a small town calld tell city indiana. my dream is to be come a model, an i have been lookin in to a lot of things an came acrost ur add here an though this would be prefect for me,and a grat start. i am also on a site call explore talent if you would like to look at a few more shots of me the url is expl i am extreamly intrested, an would love to hear from you or your team. Thanks, Elizabeth
Hello :) my name is savanna and i am aged 16. i would be very interested in doing some modeling like this :)
iam really intrested
hi my name is Tiarei and im 17 years old (:
Im 14 almost 15 very athletic play soccer and basketball. Blonde blue eyes. 5"5 almost 5"6 124 pounds.
I am 16 y.o looking to be in this line of work
Hi I'm Gianna (:
I'm Carley.. i wrote a few comments down, but i wanted to add a picture(:
I'm Brooke. I have no experience modeling, but am interested. I live in Australia. I have curly brown hair and blue eyes. Please get back to me!
I am 16 years old and am very interested in modeling. I want to take this opportunity to gain a new experience. I am very open-minded and am willing to put myself out there and be known.
Hi my name is Carley!(: I'm almost 15 and would love to possibly model this summer. My mom works with photography and is always taking pictures of my family and I. I really enjoy it and would love to make it into a career! Thank you!!
Hey, I'm interested in this please contact me. Thankyou
Yeah I'm a teenager who is looking for some modeling experience for this summer. Please email me if you have a job cmoulder12 - at - yaho
I'm looking for new young models email me at model-metart(at if your interested
I'm Abbie, I live in Bournemouth and I aspire to be a model. I have cat like green eyes and high cheek bones giving me a distinct and striking look. I can model, pose and take directions well, I also feel at my best, most comfortable and confident when in front of a camera.
hello there, i am a model starting off in the industry and am very interested in modelling for you. i do have previous modelling experiance and have worked with the blue room studio in london. i also have a web site please feel free to view this at heatherhall feel free to contact me in your search for a model many thanks heather
i read your advert and i am skilled at modelling im very photogenic, im not camera shy and i have passion for modelling.
I just would like to model.
Bianca aged 20 lives in wolverhampton
shanice here 100% jamaican 16 115 lbs 5.2 ft ambitious and willing
Hi Im Veronica 14 yrs old and im pure Filipino i always want to be a model because this is my dream and for me this is the only way to help my family i dont have any experience but im fast learner height 5'4" weight 110 waist 24 hair colour:black ey colour:black
Hi my name is Sofia . I am 14 years old and I live in Arlington, . Modeling has always been such a wonderful occupation that I really would love to pursue. Most of the time, I am judged on my appearance and it's tough to go through that everyday. Yet, I want to prove to those people who pre-judge me just because of my weight, that I am more than what they think of me. If I am chosen to be a model, it'll be my chance to finally step out of the hate into a brighter day.
125 pounds
sporty girly
and i always wanted to be a model and actor
I'm looking for free modeling that doesn't cost and give free rides
go to youtube and type cierra upton im the first video please watch !
you still looking for modeling work
I am looking for some models for my port folio email me drlmj76 - at - yahoo.c
my names rhianna , im canadian but live in new zealand. i have had modeling experience doing numerous runway shows for Josie Smith. i have blue eyes and blonde hair and would love this opportunity
Im Into Modeling And Would Love This Chance To Get Into Your Modeling Oppotunity Please Let Me No thank you
I'm 14 but I'll be 15 next month July 25 . I can be really shy around strangers but after while I'm very outgoing .
African American
Eyes : Dark brown
Hair: Dark Brown
Jeans Size : 3 & sometimes 1
Shirt Size : Small
Live in SA Texas . From Washington Dc !

hi I'm alwel I'm 15 and i really want to become a model. /Volumes/DATA/Users/alwel on 29-05-12 at 4.48 PM #2.jpg
I'm 15 and i want to become a model for catalogs i have always wanted to become that, that has always been my dream. i use to be in pageants but i have no experience with modeling.
I'm 15 and extremely badly want to model xoxo
My name is paris and acting and modeling is.my dream. Getting known is my passion. Due to living in a small city in califorina its pretty harf to get noticed
Hi, I'm Maggie. I'm 15, and I want to be a model or actor. Always have wanted to. Everyone tells me I have potential, and I want to go for it. Help me with my dream?(:
Hello, my Names Harriet... but prefer to be called Haych, and ive always wanted to be a model/photographer... i've had some experience in modelling, but not much, and i'd really like to do this (:
Hello, My name is Caroline, I am 16 yrs old (20.12.1995)

I am extremely interested in modelling and believe I would fit your needs perfectly. I have a portfolio and webfolio, please contact me for the address.

I am easy to work with and listen extremely well, I get on with people and have a great personality

Many Thanks
Hi I'm Laney I'm 15 years old and I've always wanted to do modeling, I've just never gotten the chance to try it out please contact me and make my dream of modeling come true!
Hello, my name is Rachel and I am very interested in this opportunity! I think I would rise to the challenge, please get in touch.
I have never been a model but i have told to try out for one ! here is my photo, if you are interested in me please contact me.
im interested. i take pictures all the time. here is a picture of some of the pictures i have taken
I'm Interested! I'm 17
height: 5'5
weight: 140
waist size: 28
eye color: dark brown
hair: short
Ethnicity: African American
Lip Size: Thick
I am 16 turning 17 this year, I am extremely interested as ever since i was in primary school, becoming a model was a dream of mine and it was all i wanted to do! I would love to be able to take this opportunity and would be an amazing experience
hey i'm sarah from Egypt..16 years
i really wanna be a model i just need a chance
I'm 16 years old.
Description: Short, Hispanic young girl, pretty smile, long hair, fit body.
Height: 5'2
Weight: Approx. 96 lbs.
Eye color: Brown
Hair color: Brown
Ethnicity: Hispanic
Im 15 years old
Im 5'2
I weigh about 96 lbs.
Im told that i have a beautiful smile with straight teeth.
im really interested in modeling.
Hey, I'm interested in modeling.
I am of 15 years of age.
5'4" and 115 lb
I have blonde hair and brown eyes of fair-light complexion.
If interested in more, contact me for pictures.
Age- 13
Hieght- 5'5
Ethnicity- Hispanic
I've never had modeling experience. I've always wanted to be a model ever since I was a little girl but never got a chance to because my parents never really belivieved I could do it. Now that I have explained to them that I was considering modelling they finally gave me a chance to try. If you choose me I promise I won't let you down.
Beki 17

Red (dyed over natural brown)Hair, white british
Interested in this sounds like fun where will the shoot take place? Any funds rquired? Please reply soon

Age: 16
Gender: Female
My mother was a model as well as my aunt .Im very photogenic. I live in the city of Miami. I don't have any real experience but im very open minded. You may contact me via email and I will be more than happy to send pictures.
I'm very interested . I'm 19, I live in nj and love being photographed !
My daughter is stunning, everyone says I should have put her in modeling. She would love to also. Beautiful inside and out
Taylor Kennedy 17 yrs of age currently live in Bundaberg QLD love sport an exercise and just hanging around my mates I have never done modelling but been told to by many people
Im 14 and a female ive always wanted to model but im only 5'1
Hi , im 13 And i just thought about modeling A week ago and i'd love to try it ! i have no kind of experience so i need more help ... i want to do fashionwear and swimwear so if i do this is would be a dream come true ! i also want to make my mother proud of me (:
hey am 15 years old and i would like to be one of the 10 models and yes i see myself unique :)!
Heey :) my name is Nadia Simic and i have wanted to be a model ever since i can remember . I have tanned light brown skin and i weigh about 45 kg. I absolutely love the camera and would love to be one of your top 10 . thanks
Hello , My Name is Janeshia i Am 5'4 , 17 Years Old , Brown Skin & Very Photogenic i Am Very Interested In Being Selected To Model For You Contact Me At My Email For Pictures !
I am interested in modeling, I'm 15 yrs old & I'm 5'5 almost 5'6. I have no professional experience, but I model for my friends & family all the time. I would love to hear from you & be able to have the opportunity to send you a picture. Just email me, & I will reply ASAP. Thanks for your time.
Hi! I'm a African American girl, 5'10, love talking to people, have short hair, 16 years old, have great fashion sense. I always wear the newest trends. I'm really great in school. I'm a leader, what I wear you'll see someone else wearing it the next couple of days. I also design some of my own clothes. I would love to be one of those 10 girls. Thank You
Hi, I am interested in modeling and have no experience. I am a very talented girl, I play the violin. I play soccer and volleyball, so I am very athletic. I am also a professional photographer in the process. I am 15 years old and Hispanic and my height is about 5.3.
Hi my name is Brandi. I am turning 16 in December. And i am very interested in modeling. I play soccer. I play the trumpet. I get good grades. And i believe i have a lot of talent. I am 5'7. I would love to get a shot at modeling. I have a passion for modeling. I have absolutely no experience and i would love to take a chance and take this opportunity.I attached a picture of me.Please contact me.
Please contact me at my email as soon as possible ! Thank you !
I'm Britney and I am 13 years old. I am 5.5" and a size 1 I have no model experience but am a natural. I would love to be in your catalog. I am fierce!!
Name - Florence Holly
Nickname - Rainbow
Age - 14 + 1/2
Height - 5'9
Bra - DD
Size - 10 in tops, 8 in skirts
Eyes - turquoise blue
Hair - Black medium length (when straight)
Skin - White (British)
About me - My goal in life (ever since I was 10) is to be a model because:
1. I look good in anything
2. I make anything look good
3. I have long legs and model figure
4. I love posing for pictures
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