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teensmodels pictures teen models photos modeling photography wanted
Sorry, we are currently not looking for any models at this time. check with us for the winter seasonSorry, we are currently not looking for any models at this time. check with us for the winter season
Hi my name is Daniela and i would love to work for you, i'm 15 this month and i have abit of experiance doing portfolio photos, if you are interested get back to me please,thank you
Hello! My name is Karen and I would love to model for this catalogue! Contact me ASAP
hi..my name is farha ortega, i am 14 years old..i have a twin by the name of faariah ortega.. we have both had experience before and we would love to model for you... we would love to hear from you soon...
hello my name is alison ,im 14 years old and 5,6 my measurements are as follows chest 32, waist 25 and hips 33 .I would love this opportunity . please consider me carefully and i look forward to hearing from you .
Hi my name is Rhianna .I'm 14 and i have had experience doing numerous fashion shows for designer Josie Smith
Hey! I am 13 years old and have some experience in modeling. Height: 5'3" Bust: 34 Hips: 22 Waist: 31
Would love to be given the chance, contact me if intrested, Thankyou :)
Hello my name is Morlin Suazo and i would love to work with you for what ever you need. I really don't have any experience's but i love posing, wearing something new. please contact me for any information at my email morlin16 - at - hotmai
Hello, I am very interested in the modelling industry i hope that i hear from you. Age: 16 Sex: Male Height: 5' Stone Hair Colour: Dark Brown Eye Colour: Blue Thanks, B
Itis just some thing i wanna do
i postd earlier but forgot pic
Im Emily-Rose Brown, im 14 and im 5.4ft. I have brown hair and hazely, greeny, bluey and brownie eyes and i wold love to do some modeling!
Hello I work for the New York Model 4 you company call and let me no if you would mabey be interested in Pic modeling that just means you will send pics to us and you will be a online model
Thanks:Jennif ♥
Hi, my name is Kirsty , I am currently 15 years old. My details are as followed:

Waist: 22
Hips: 32
Chest: 28B
Eye colour: Brown
Hair colour: Brown
Hair length: Medium

Check out my portfolio on:
hi iam qasem iam modal iam 18
hi , im celine and i am from ireland. i would love to do a bit of modelling !
I'm Tim Fox i'm looking for new female models 12-25yo i do fashion glamour and promotional modeling all you have to do is pass selection email me model-metart (at) hotmail dot com i'll send you the requirments for selection process
Hi. My name is Erin. I'm 13 and from Dodge City ,Kansas. And i would love to be a model for you. I have been told many times that I am well fit and have the body of a model. Hope you write back.!! Thanks.!
hi, my name is alicia. Im 13 years old. I live in Hephzibah, Georgia and I would love to come model for you. If you can, please write back. Thank you!
My name is Megan Woods Booth, I'm from the United Kingdom and would love to model, I often get comments from people saying that I would be good at it so this is what I have decided to do. I'm very flexible and willing to do anything (no glamour modeling) not screamish around bugs. Please give me a chance!
Hi, my name is Samara, I'm 17 years old, and I would love to do some modeling. This sounds great, would be great is you could contact me.
Hey, my name is karine and I am 14yo, I would really want to be part of this. I Have green eyes, brown hair, Im pretty skinny. I LOVE TO DO THIS. ALOT OF TIMES I JUST POSE IN FRONT OF A MIRROR PRETENDING TO BE ON A MAGAZINE COVER OR ANYWHERE. please please contact me, make my dream come true.. i wanted this since i was a kid...
hello im 15 model done some shoots blue eyes blonde hair, looking to acheieve my dream in catalogue modelling please contact me as i would llooveeeee to do this many thanks kind regards.x
Hi I'm selma I would love to be apart of a magazine I'm 17 Years and i love taking picture i hope you contact me back.
I am super interested :)
Hello! If you're still interested in models to model for your shoot, I would be delighted to take part in this :) email me: monetrhoden10 - at - h so I can have more details as to what you would like if chosen :)
Check out my portfolio on:
If your still looking for a teen model I'd be totally interested! I'd give it whatever I would need too email me and let me know what I have too do.. Thanks. Email: Noneeandlisa210
Are you interested in free lance modelling for some ethnic dresses?

The shootinh will be in Toronto.

Hiya I don't know how old this is but I'm imogen, 12 years old! If you know of anybody who is looking for young models then e-mail me at imogenhawkins99 as I would love to do modelling! I haven't done any yet but it's my ambition! X
:) this is cool, there are some very beautiful people here! good luck everyone
heyah my name is ciara im 14 years old and im 5th 10 inch and i really want to be a model
My names Ty and id be happy to model for you ive had experience and won a number of modeling competitions
Hi, i was wonderig if you were still interested in models?
i am,my real anem is naomi mick name naynay and im into this its all that i ever wanted to be. i am, 16 5'8 or 5'9.
i am 14 in live in lufkin tx
i love this picture, i would love to make a photoshoot with you. If your ok with it contact me at : Zain-b - at - hotmail. a professinal Photgrapher of different Magazines. In the e-mail i want to see : -name&lastnam
Hi, my name in Rhealynn Oxley and I would like to be one of your models. I'm 14 years old weigh about 120 pounds and is 5'2. If you would like to pick me, please message back. Thank you. a2.spho a7.sph
hey my name is aisha i world love to model for you please give me a chance
Hi, I'm Taylor I'm 14 years old. I've wanted to model since 5 years old. I would really love to do this. I've had so many people tell me I can't do it.
hello, im daniela carpio i love taking pictures and i really think i have the look ,the attitude and the confidence for this job , thank you.
hey my name is danielaand im 14. I would love to work with you im 14 and i havent had many experience yet but im really into fashion and looking good, hope to hear from you,thanks
I am Kyle and am 16. I have experience with modeling and would love the opportunity of working for you, Thank You.
my names jazzia canchola. im 16. 5'7 and a quarter. ima size 3 long in jeans. size 7.5 in shoes. hair color is dark brown, and i have been looking to model since i was 11. i have no experience. but i am willing to do my best if i get this opportuninty.
Hey, my name is Kirsty

Heigh 5.5
Waist: 22
Hips: 32
Chest: 28B
Eyes: Brown
Hair: Brown
Hair Length: Medium

Please check out my portfolio:

htt to hear back from you soon!

/Users/w MODELING.jpg
hi, i would love to have this opportunity. modelling has always been my dream, and many people tell me its my future. so this would be a dreaming oppotunity.
I am so ready for my big chance all i need is one person to lead me in the right direction my dream i belong on the front of someones cover.
Get someone to do your website who knows English and can spell.
hey, im Adia i would really like to do this. if you want to contact me my email is - at - yahoo. thanks!!
iWanna bee a Model , myy dreamm .
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