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this is a good question as to why so many indian women prefer white caucasian men like from europe and north america they love white men. it shows the indian culture to adapt to diffrent kinds of people.
i have a friend who is American and he is married to a girl from India. they are very happy couple. they have two wonderful kids.

i am amazed about the mutual respect they have for one another. my friend advised me to go to India and marry a girl there. but I've never been to India. so i did the best thing. there is a girl at work. she is from India. so i approached her and asked her out. she was very shy at first and said nothing. and she walked away. i was embarrassed because i didn't know what to do.

a couple of months later we have our annual office dinner in Pleasanton, California. she was there to and for some weird reason, we sat next to each other. i said hello and she said hello back. we started talking and the more i talked to her, the more i realized why my friend felt in love with her. it was because of the sweetness in her personality. now im not saying that all Indian women are the same, but she was very respectful. and i admire that about women. anyways, i just wanted to say she made an impression on me and i was not disappointed. so maybe that's why we like Indian women, because we have open mind and care for people no matter where they are from.
im from london and all i know is that indian women defiantly like white guys here,its become very common to see indian women with white men,i personally love India/Pakistani/Bengali women! and we have such a large indian population here in the uk and it growing fast!if you like indian women come to the uk especially london!!
I think you have been meeting real trashy girls. Any girl from a respectable family will never let this happen as there are so many intelligent great Indian boys. Thanks
It%u2019s called Darwinism, stray from your own gene pool. There are enough inbreds in this world.
- at - Frederic, hello I am of Indian descent, Canadian. I was raised in the United States, and have dated an American. Like you, I was dumped by him he needed someone who was a bit more clingy, and well, I'm in the same situation your in. I want to date someone like him again.
Hi Ketki, Wow! you sound like you have truly broken the mould. Well done and congratulations on you newly found liberty! If you would like to go out for a meal or a drink when you are in England (I'm in London)then please contact me, I'd love to meet you. Good Luck in you search Brent
I am a white man who has dated and been with many Indian women; from all occupations and backgrounds.
Indian women and Indian women born outside of India will ONLY have loveual relations with either a white man OR a black man.
You might think that is contradictory but from my experience it is not.
Firstly with white men; Indian women white skin colour as Godlike-it does not matter that the white man is facially ugly or overweight or a criminal.
Regarding black men; Indian women love also, somewhat paradoxically, the notion of loveual relations with men who have an air of danger and corruption about them.
This is why ALL the Indian women who date white men at some point have loveual relations with a black man.
This does not make Indian women racist because Indian men do not belong to one racial group.
Just to add to my previous comments
Indian womenwho come to the West are after only 2 things: a better education or a husband.
They are leaving behind their own men for something a lot better.

All of the Indian women I have been with ( I have slept with over 160 )say either;
Indian men's skin colour reminds them of excrement or Indian men are terrorists.
I remember one Indian women I met on the train who said that she would rather be raped and murdered than be seen wlaking on the same pavement as an Indian man.
In fact I know, from personal experience, that an Indian woman would rather have love with ANY white man OR black drug dealer ( again I refer to the element of danger that Indian women find so attractive in black men) than be seen in public with an Indian man.
White-skinned men and black men are attractive to women. There are no arguments against that.
It is the hope of the Indian women I have slept with and met that ALL Indian men will die out in the West within the next few years!!
It may seem somewhat extreme but I know that there are many in the UK that support the views of Indian women.
Just before I go to do another task I thought I would let you know the outcome of a conversation I had with a great friend of mine who has been a member of at least 3 racist organizations in the UK and is affiliated to the racist organization in the US.

What he said about Indian women is that they love white racist men. He told me an account when he had discussed successful activities that the Group had done with an Indian woman in a bar in London ( they had noticed her flirting with them ) and this resulted in her joining their group and going back home to be enjoyed by at least 7 of them.
This is a regular occurrence in the UK.
My friend also said that about 60% of his Group's members of have love with Indian women at least once a month and they have regular Indian girlfriends.
There is much kudos in the Indian female community for an Indian woman to have slept with a racist white man!
i like to call hindus APOOs like that dude from simpsons. hindu men are desparate for white skin and white girls. just look at their movies and commercials. desparate to import white dancers and girls for their commercials. it uplifts their status. i say their caste system hindu religion is to blame.
It sounds brutal but there are two reasons why many Indian women like myself who have a choice end up with non-Indian men - white, black or Latin. One is that Indian men tend to be conservative, possessive and immature. Because they are babied by their Mothers to a late age they expect their wives to do everything for them. Two, and I know this sounds brutal, Indian men tend to have small **** . When I first slept with I white man I could not believe how much bigger he was than my then husband (he was my husband's young number 2 at his company) and he previous 2 men (Indian) I had slept with. And as I found out later he was just average for a white guy ! I'm not obsessed with size, but for me it does make a difference and Indian men's **** are too thin and short to satisfy me.
your a white troll disguised as an Indian girl, most white men have small wangers in the UK just like Indians and that's why most of the women come to Pakis you want me to prove it to you
I have to say that most indian girls i came across doesn't like white guys at all.Iam sorry to say this but most white guys looks like monkeys to them, thats what they say. yes they prefer spanish or hispanic with pale albinism looking guys.
Sad to say but indian women see the white man as a God. It doesn't really matter how the white man looks; It doesn't matter what kind of job the white man has; Indian women were raised by there indian dad's and indian mom's to go after the white man. The white man can't really go wrong when pursuing the indian woman. It's not much work at all for the white man. And that's just the honest truth!
i`m sorry hear about it.but in china.lots girls like black guys.
- at - pssst25 I never stated that relationship with white men had anything to do with Islam. I only said that the issues femisnists in India deal with are have their roots in the Mughal period. The restrictions and boundaries placed on women of today are the infact the main reason as to why Indian women wish to pursue a relationship with white men, so indirectly yeah.
great thought.i think they haven't meet real indian man.
I don't think that true for all Indian women. I get hit on by a whole lot of white men but it's not my thing. I love black men. Majority of the Indian females I know are usually interested in Indian men.
These poeple look jokers, that I like white guy becoz of that or this.,For me I have had many white gals just coz i dont have to deal with marriage, where as with indian gals, u wont get unless you are committed to marriage ;) ., and for all those Sunitas over here., will come back in few years cussing how foolish this white guy she married blah blah blah ;)
What the hell are people talking here? I am an indian girl married to a white guy . we met in usa ..fell in love and are bond in the hold sacrament of matrimony. Its not the color that matters its the heart. We both are catholics and what clicked for us that we both respected our religion, courting and Marriage sacred without sin. The color, race, creed does not matter if one is in love. He is the most beautiful thing ever happened to me and me to him. Please do not consider Indian women as cheap ..i have seem many jobless and characterless White guys who still cheat on their wife's after marrying and divorcing 4-5 times. But other races have never jumped to conclusions that all white men are the same. If i had to consider this stereotypical notion, i would not have married my husband. So people stop generalizing . True there are Sunitas in every race be it white /black/hispanic. Thanks for reading. :)
Sunita is a white troll everybody knows that white men in the UK have the smallest wangers and that's why white women are always with Pakistanis go to youtube and watch this link if you don't believe me /watch?=x5qEgnGIq38
I know sum indian gals who hate ind men they prefer white men. im indian m i find it easier ro pull indian man than indian girl
Love to see all the comments here from Indian women. The feeling is mutual, we love your pretty brown eyes, tan skin and long black hair and just over all style! If it weren't for the social barriers I think you'd see tons of white guy - Indian girl couples. Any open minded ladies out there want to chat? My e-mail is danxfs on yahoo.
Hi Dave, Men are chauvinistic / liberal. Its not about Indian Brown : American White Any woman weather beaut** / ugly will want to be with a liberal guy who does not take up her space. I am from the desert of India and I have seen how women in my city had to cook everyday not by choice but by compulsion. This is what turns me off. Many white men are liberal enough to get noticed. I believe Indian Men are still trying hard to be liberal with their wives. I personally would want to be with an eternally liberal man. It doesnt matter what ethnicity he belongs to.
Interesting comments... - at - Natasha - "Its not the color that matters its the heart." -Colour has the biggest significance in any case, we are all just forced to accept otherwise. (No offence, but it's true.) Think about it.. well, if what you said was true.. then we shouldn't be having this discussion here. The basis for the discussion itself, is "colour"; aka "race" (Noticed that coincident path both of them take??) "But other races have never jumped to conclusions that all white men are the same." -You're kidding right?? Wanna meet a few Indian families? With them around, all you can hear about is the stereotypical notion of 'white culture'. And believe me; I'm the one trying to second that notion. and further ... what do you mean by "So people stop generalizing."?? -You can only state a trend by "generalizing" it. Obviously, I will not be able to speak about your isolated situation (or for all of those who are in a situation similar to yours). I can only speak about the "majority" of the populations' mindset. Exceptions always exist in every case. And maybe you were lucky enough to be one of them. Sorry.. I'm not trying to be rude... just pointing out raw facts!! :)
Hi to all I just want to say that I am white in colour and fine Indian ladies very lovey and would love to date one (but unfortunately I never did accept that I could be with an Indian lady because I would fine it hard to accept with my family view even in the fact my family are OK with mixed relationships now? but some years ago there were not. if I was with a Indian lady I would be happy and be there love god) I am now 43 years of age and still would love the chance to try a relationship with an Indian lady. I see them personally as a equal) and would be happy for a Indiana lady to keep there religion, as long as they understand that I am white and want to also keep mine)
I also think that women are much more acceptance of mixed relationships and men are more against them? if your are a negative person then change your views to positive views I do accept that positive males wash pots clean the house & also go shopping. in basic men should do the work that any lady does in my opinion. only weak males think that all house work is ladies work) get a life your sad. females are equal in every-way)
The reason why so many indian girls like non-indian men is because indian guys are bonitast and extremely possessive of their wives. They think that all women should get married, have children and live in the kitchen. Also, indian families can be very judgemental and rumours spread like lovein crazy.
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can someone please tell me what Sunitas means?
This is in response to all these BS propaganda by missionaries about superior status of women in xianity. Lets see what some western women xianity.

Helen Ellerbe a researcher, writer, and public speaker, has observed in her book, that:

"Orthodox Christians held women responsible for all sin. As the Bible Apocrypha states: "Of woman came the beginning of sin/ And thanks to her, we all must die.' St. Augustine, the much celebrated Father of the Church, thought that love was intrinsically evil. Denying human free will and condemning loveual pleasure made it easier to control and contain people. Christian history is replete with condemnations of human loveuality. The witch hunts also demonstrated great fear of female loveuality. The word “witch” comes from the old English wicce and wicca, meaning the male and female participants in the ancient pagan tradition which holds masculine, feminine and earthly aspects of God in great reverence. Hence, loveual desire was considered ungodly. Christian philosopher, Boethius, who wrote in The Consolation of Philosophy, "Woman is a temple built upon a sewer." The 13th century St. Thomas Aquinas suggested that God had made a mistake in creating woman: Lutherans at Wittenberg debated whether women were really human beings at all. Orthodox Christians held women responsible for all sin. As the Bible's Apocrypha states: "Of woman came the beginning of sin/ And thanks to her, we all must die." The witch hunts were an eruption of orthodox Christianity's vilification of women, "the weaker vessel" in St. Peter's words. The second century St Clement of Alexandria wrote: "Every woman should be filled with shame by the thought that she is a woman." And Lutherans at Wittenberg debated whether woman were really human beings at all. Orthodox Christians held women responsible for all sin. The Church father Tertullian also explained why women deserve their status as despised and inferior human beings." Pope John XXII formalized the persecution of witchcraft in 1320 when he authorized the Inquisition to prosecute sorcery." Witch hunt were justified in those contexts with reference to the Bible's prescription: "Thou shalt not suffer a witch to live." (Exodus 22:18). "The Burning Times" is an English term referring to the time of the Great European Witchhunts (1450-1750). Also sometimes referred to as Women's Holocaust. Refer to Arthur Miller's play, The Crucible. Refer to Women - The Rise of the Religious Right in the Republican Party.

(source: The Dark Side of Christian History - By Helen Ellerbe Morningstar Books July 1995 ISBN 0964487349 p. 115 - 121).

Elizabeth Cady Stanton (1815-1902) American suffragist was tireless in her criticism of the Bible, decrying their denigration of women. She wrote:

" I know of no other book that so fully teach the subjection and degradation of women." (Women Without Superstition).


Bible and the Church have been the greatest stumbling blocks in the way of women's emancipation." (Treasury of Women's Quotations).
I am interested in meeting a moral Christian (pretty) Indian woman. I am not impressed with the way a lot of american women behave in a variety of ways.I love the skin color of Indian women. They are often quite lovely. If there are any women (aged 34-42)interested, please email me at - at - Google God Bless Gary M.
Wow! You put on such a label on us Indian girls. You are definitely attracted to us yet at the same time have no lovein respect for us! I'm very attracted to white men myself, but do I label you guys as desperate in bed or jerks? No. So treat us with respect because you know we are better than your white women and treat you guys the way you want to be treated which your white women cannot do!
Jesus was not an Arab actually he was nobody, he never existed. Xianity is a product of western civilization, to be more specific product of declining Roman empire, a culture that is considered a role model for western civilization, it is the same culture that staged live battles between men and men and beast. People used to cheer at dying men and the flesh teared by wild beasts, whao what a great "civilization" it was. Stripping xianity of its western roots is a ploy taken by missionaries to harvest souls in non western countries, the truth is xian missionaries were forefront of western colonialism, even according to a famous political scientist famous for his theory of "clash of civilizations" on record said that xians killed more people on the basis of religion than the Muslims. "india has nothing to offer".. another BS by an eurocentric westernerner, the truth is west has nothing to offer, its art is vulgar to the point of being absolute dirt, its social institutions are colossal failure, "democracy" its greatest import is a myth that won't work, in most part of Europe its less then 100 years old. Only thing it can boost of is technology but the kind of technological development west is pursuing is just not sustainable not to mention its negative effects on environment. I can go on and on but I don't think any intelligent person will ever visit this place, all I can say that western civilization will be over within the next 25 to 50 years. On the topic I personally don't have anything against anybody marring anybody but as a rule people of Abrahamic religions will convert any "pagan" they will marry. Modern western people may not be overtly xian but they still live within the Abrahamic paradigm so after marriage they will insist on giving only western name to their children won't like to teach anything about the culture and heritage of their non western parent, its particularly true it the non western partner is the female.
Yes he did exist.Historian Josephus a Jew who worked for the romans recorded many who witnessed his miracles & saw him preach.Roman historian Tacitus mentioned Nero speak of Christ "whom one of our governors crucified". The apostles risked their lives & gave up their lives for preaching(the new testament) for a imaginary figure ? or for a person who played card tricks ? They had no belief in the ressurection but when christ rose they preached it throughout a hostil empire. As I^m enjoying my steak hindu,go back to worshipping cows & monkeys(yes folks they do),maybe because their brains are made of cow dung
Abe madherchod.. randi kee aulad. Who the love told u Hinduism is a "religion", religion is an abrahamic construct, atheist can be Hindu like Sarvarkar. U are not an Indian, u don't live in India, I bet my life on it, maybe someone who can trace their ancestry like Ind-Caribbeans. I never said Julia Roberts "converted" there is no conversion in Hinduism, I said its getting popular, more than xianity getting popular in India. I never changed my name, once u bring one topic other people searching for it will end up visiting. Why I assumed you to be xian cause NO HINDU IN THE WORLD WILL ABUSE INDIA, NO HINDU IN THE WORLD WILL HATE INDIA OR ITS PEOPLE, only a non Hindu will, u proved me right. Aur bastard kiso bole re, jaa apne maa se puch tere baap ka nam kaa hai, sale randi bata nahe payagee. And if u do live in India, I'd like to meet u one on one. I'm in Kolkata where do u live? What language u speak? Hindi samajta hai kya? mail me sunjaykumar - at - yahoo.co.in i'll tell u my address, there is no point in abusing here.. mere juban se mere hat achee bolte hai.
//I keep telling you that Christ was in fact real and you refuse to accept it.// Even if he was real, he would be a JEW NOT ARAB. //Where is the "unity and integrity of the Nation", indicated in your preamble? Where the secularism, the democacy and socialism you preach.. // I think you mean preamble of constitution of India, why u said "your" you told you are an India, shouldn't you say "our", so you are not an Indian. So who is threatening "unity and integrity of the nation"? Not Hindus, we want a secular state but if non Hindus are not loyal to the nation, and we have to rethink. Not to mention socialism and democracy were added during emergency of 74. //You look more like a disgrace to the name and value of "INDIAN"!// Why do you care, you hate us anyway. //i'd hate to throw at your face.. people in the west are not converting to hinduism.. they are (if anything) converting to atheism// May be you should give this news to journalist Lisa Miller who wrote an article headlined "Are All Hindus Now" on NEWSWEEK on Aug 2009. Scientist Richard Dawkings the posterboy of western atheism said "Hinduism and Buddhism offer much more sophisticated worldviews (or philosophies) and I see nothing wrong with these religions." "When I read the Bhagavad-Gita and reflect about how God created this universe everything else seems so superfluous." ~ Albert Einstein. //I'm pretty sure Indian history books have taught you better..// You are right this time, for instance they have taught me that for the most part of the last 2000 years INDIA WAS THE RICHEST LAND ON PLANT, even in the 16th century India produced 40% of world's GDP, its only after your favorite British took over that we became poor. //the idea of heaven is as good as the idea of an afterlife or reincarnation!// Well think about it... a human being lives a live of few years and based on their limited action in their life they are rewarded or punished eternally. So in xianity you have infinite result for finite cause! While I'm not preaching reincarnation for I'm a skeptic but you can read books of Ian Stevenson's "Cases Suggestive of Reincarnation" and "Where Reincarnation and Biology Intersect." and psychiatrist Jim B. Tucker's book "Life Before Life". You are not an Indian, you know nothing about India, you are somebody whose ancestors emigrated from India long time ago and for some season (problem with ur parents?) you hate Indian people. And if you are indeed Indian contact me, I'll ensure you don't remain here for long.
those are harsh comments. BastardJesus W r u talking about? By Christian women did you meant Western women. I must tell you that western women never had any superiority ever in history. Not even now. Though compared to women here in the India, western women are more recognized and have freedom. I went to U.S. once, with my family for my cousin's wedding. I found that the women there has so much more freedom than here in India. there were women walking outside at night, all by themselves. And also my cousin's neighbour was an american woman.. she said she tried getting into the police department 20 years before and they did not take her because she was a woman. but her daughter is in police now. my aunty even said that a lot of ladies there even now get mostly secratarial jobs . my cousin studied physics in university of chicago and she said that in her class of 100 boys there were only 15 girls. and that the boys thought that they girls wern't as smart as them at first. so women are not regarded as superior and they never waS. i'm just saying from personal experience that times are changing but america is so much better than in india. at least now. oh and the neighbour was not christian, she was jewish.
Sale Chuchunder kee aulad tunaee hee to kaha tha tu "India" hai, sala phokat me samay barbad kar diya, mai socha koi missionary hoga. Kon hai be Hindu jo Hindustan see nafrat karta hai, nam pata dee salo kee to.
- at - XYZ After my last post I thought I should not post here but after reading our comments I was completed to post again, maybe its because its our human nature that we don’t want to be misunderstood although it is my personal experience that such an attempt usually don’t succeed but that is a different matter altogether. You talk but discrimination and all other social evils in India, let me ask you this, have I told you that I come from a backward caste, I think I did. Let me tell you more, my father was born in a very poor family in a distant village, when in college he had to earn his money to pay for his fees but nobody was willing to give him a job, I think you know why, countless nights he had to sleep on footpaths and benches of parks empty stomach but it did not stopped him, working everything from washing dishes to sweeping toilets he graduated, did his Masters, got himself a job and rose through the ranks. But never, not once I heard my father say anything against any caste or community or even any individual. Actually he never told me about this; it was from my uncle that I learned this. My mom… she was the first female graduate from her village, and no, no one objected to her studies in fact they raised money to send their village daughter to college. In the city she fall in love with my dad but they were from different caste and their families won’t agree with this, so they married against the wishes of their families, they were excommunicated. Not for once I heard my parents saying anything against anybody. Their families eventually accepted and I grew up close to both sides of my family. I lived in the cities all my life, most of my friends are Brahmins, I never herd anyone making any comment about my or any caste, it never was factor. We used to visit our ancestral villages in the summer holidays where I did hear some negative comments, once a retired Mathematics teacher told me that Brahmin boys are naturally gifted and I can’t be good it maths because its not in my blood. This year I qualified for Engineering and no not by reserved quota, I cleared my entrance exam in general category. What more I’m in love with a Brahmin girl and yes our families know about this and they don’t have any problem. So lecture me about what is wrong with us, I know what’s wrong with us more than you can even hope to comprehend but I’m not going to run away, this is one thing I learned above anything else, and I am not going to blame anyone, no caste, let alone my country. I was born in this country I love, I want to see it better and I hate it when people like you make comments like you. You love the country you grew up just like me, its natural (yes you did not grow up in India), but I don’t understand your hatred for India. I like Hinduism, for it teaches that all atman (Individual self) are potentially divine and it’s because of ignorance that we do evil. My country men are ignorant yes a lot of them are but I believe in them, I have the right to believe them; a lot has changed from my parent’s generation to mine, give us some time we’ll do wonders. Last year 60K NRIs mostly software professionals returned back to India. Whatever country you live in, it’s in its national interest to have a good relationship with us, you are not doing your country a favor by spreading hatred. One more thing, I don’t consider my religion “superior”, I’m a not a religious person, my spiritual beliefs somewhat close to philosopher Spinoza’s, because he is the one westerners will be most familiar with, I don’t think you will understand �vaita Vedanta”. I adhere to a particular political ideology and my comments should be taken in that light, actually these are silly games mostly teenage males play, just post some rubbish comments about some group that you don’t like in some unmoderated web forum, these are not to be taken seriously. I regret all personal comments I made and I don’t want to post any more comment unless forced by any other nasty comment to retaliate.
When I said discrimination, I was focusing on gender discrimination, not caste. I am aware that discrimination based on caste is dwindling. But, what about gender? Just because you are a female, you can get a teaching job easily. Just because you are a boy, you can climb the heights of automobile industry. And Nursing isn't for boys. Mechanical engineering is a strongly male-dominated field. Any Science-based course is superior to those of Arts and Drama. And the general idea, you are smart, only if you can crunch numbers. And, specifically, men do it better. (Along with, "If not a doctor, my child should become an Engineer.") These are the contemporary forms of discrimination in India, those based on gender. Caste and creed discrimination is now an old topic. "have I told you that I come from a backward caste," What bothers me is that you keep insisting that you are from a "backward" caste. The "backward" part of it, is not essentially something that would offend someone but it has the essence of discrimination. If you are as open-minded as you have pointed out, then there isn't any question of "backward" or "brahmin". Why does that even matter? (and oh yeah; and since you mentioned it - my parents were from different castes and social classes as well.) And another thing I wanted to point out: And what I hate to see the most - is that you are labelled for who your father was. Not for who you are.(as mentioned in one of your previous posts - with me knowing my father's name.) I see it everyday. My parents in fact believe the same. I can't understand why. And then they bring in the example of how a sapling is defective if the parent plant was defective. You have to carry your parents' burden whether you like it or not. Now the plant and sapling example is relevant in case of birth-defects, but can you gauge a personality on that? [Note; Christian missionaries profess the same (in a Biblical sense though). But not a lot of people in the West even bother thinking about it.] Go back to my posts, I wasn't trying to spread any hatred. I was only pointing out certain facts and you retaliated. It's just better to face the truth than live in false presumptions. We say we are a democracy, but do we question about how true that statement is. The first of our Fundamental Right is being violated and yet we claim we are a democray. When I was in high school learning Political Science, my aunt (a lawyer in India) would correct me saying that India is a "quasi-democratic" country. How is time going to heal a problem that we haven't yet been concerned about? You see, this is where we fail miserably. And that is why people emmigrate to the west. Job opportunities aren't any better in the West than it is in India. (in fact, India has the lead on job opportnities.) And I was trying to say that the "unity" you said existed - is a false idea. It all boils down to how you identify youself. (An NRI would identify himself as an Indian. How would a person in India introduce himself as?) And the whole Hindu-Christian-Islam issues; they're never gonna end. (Even if our national flag has all of them put together.) Because some crazy religious fanatic is gonna trigger some sort of a communal riot whenever he thinks he is he's gonna lose votes.
No yeaar.. I wasn’t trying to prove my open or closemindness, I was trying to say that I’m aware of social problems of India, if I may say better than you do and I don’t consider us to be perfect, its that I think instead of just complaining its better to do something to make a difference. My friends, people close to me know the kind of person I’m that’s what counts, I’ve no intention to prove myself to every random person (plz don’t take any offense). No, its not true that caste has disappeared from Indian society, its has declined a lot specially among educated urban youth and I’m hopeful we can eliminate it in not so distant future just like I’m hopeful we can eliminate other forms of discrimination. Yes I’m aware of gender discrimination too, haven’t talked about it because I thought since I’m not a women myself might be able to completely understand and partly because I thought you are just trying to show as down because the picture you paint of India is closer to Saudi Arabia or Afghanistan. No I don’t deny gender discrimination and yes I do care (and yes I know you won’t believe me but that’s OK) but if you think girls are not allowed to study science, you are completely mistaken, in my class about 35% of students are girls, if you visit our campus you’ll see female students everywhere, we have women professors, and no arts subjects are taught all science and technical subjects. I never heard even one of my male friends ever commenting that women can’t do engineering, many times if we don’t understand any concept we freely ask our female friends, we don’t have any ego problems or anything. And if you think these stereotypes of subjects and professions exist in India only you are highly mistaken, yes I’ve never been to west but I know it’s as true in the west as in India in fact India has better ratio of women in engineering than many western countries. My cousin sister studied Physics, she coached me for my entrance; she taught me trigonometry and calculus and how to solve differential equations and it’s for her that I got through. I’ve seen my dad cooking, washing dishes, my uncles cook, yes its true its generally women who do kitchen but to say we are a bunch of beasts who just beat women to feel manly, I don’t know where you got that. Who told women can’t work in India, these days everyone works, my gf is very active in student politics, she has a state level leadership position, I never had a problem with that, I love her dedication, she works too hard and its mostly me who get her food and make her drinks. She is not the kind of person who would like just work in kitchen and produce babies and if you meet her she would agree with a lot of things that you say maybe she won’t put the way as do (well… you get the idea) but she is one who would like to take a stand and make a difference, its very easy to get out of the country and than complain about every problem of India. And.. No NRIs are not Indian; I can’t even comprehend who a person who left and gave up its citizenship can be called Indian. “Indian” is a nationality and not a race or ethnicity unlike “White” or 𠇋lack”. I read one of your comments where you said that you are an Indian, and automatically assumed that you are someone living in India, I just can’t understand how someone whose parents were Indian can still be Indian if he/she doesn’t carry an Indian passport (which I assume about you I may be wrong). So it’s not your constitution it’s ours and you as a foreigner should not comment about it, don’t take it personally I think you should care about women of your country and leave us alone. P.S. I’m sorry for the abusive words but it was you who first made the comment, I was just retaliating.
Okay, I'm done with this. (Honestly, I simply can't understand how ignorant people can be.) and FYI: NRI stands for Non-Resident of India, not people without an Indian passport. They have an Indian passport and they use that to travel around. People who go abroad work in other countries (most commonly Middle East) and bring money to India are the NRI's they are one of the primary reasons money flows into the nation. How can you not call them Indian? p.s.: Don't worry about answering - I won't be posting again.
THERE ARE MISTAKES IN THIS PAGES 1.INDIAN ARE CAUCASIANS and Indian men are Caucasian men,,not white Albinos Apes 2.No one thinks white people are superior,,may be white women can take on any men even Apes and animals to love,,thats the only talent you people have where as most white men are gays
White men & women don^t want to have indian people because they flush them down the toilet evey day after they wipe there ass
ABCD, thats not what i meant, color is not the question in the sense, i i met a black guy or hispanic or even indian and he loved me the way my husband does than i would accept his love with all my heart, true love is hard to find and when u finally do,one never should let go :)
Going through these posts.. I'm thinking maybe - that every one of us dwells in our own little sphere of understanding and refuses to look outside our domain. From what I see.. we are all narrow minded, prejudiced and ignorant - all at the same time (be it black, white, hispanic or brown). Each one of us keeps arguing (with the use of foul-language) and won't even try to comprehend somebody else's opinion. So, what's the point in even having this thread going? And what's the reasoning behind proclaiming the "superiority of any race or religion" if we can't even keep a check on the language used??
your question really should be "why didn't i use spell checker" . well said disgusted fellowfriend, i couldn't have put it better myself
Hot,You are right Loving an Indian
Woman is a bit of heaven on earth. I for one treat them with respect and prefer them to white woman because they treat me a white man with respect.I do not quite have an all Indian dating policy but I am sure I want to only marry an Indian Lady.
Go die Joe! Get a life for heaven's sake!
Hi, am Indian woman. i like white man because they so romantic, and tone of their voice is captivating. IN general they have higher IQ.They give their woman more freedom.
yeah right they have smaller wangers and iqs, the Indian men are in NASA, Microsoft, and 60% owners in the diamond industry with Jews being second
lol i dont like one race of guys in general :P .. i mean yeah i have liked white guys before ut there were only 2 or 3 .... i guess its cuz i grew up travelling the world .. i prefer. .. hispanics, and asians .... nd some indian guys r pretty cute too.. i dont rly stereotype... but i kno a lot of indian girls who do..i guess if ur in india... they think that white guys are exotic or somethin :P ... nd um i dont think other wise girls like me who liek travel manureloads rly care
I also would like to be with a white man rather than an Indian coz white guys are romantic and cute. And love their accent. And most importantly babies will be also super cute. lol
Im glad to see more and more Indian woman that is willing to date white guys . There are many whites that would like to meet but we just dont get to meet indian ladies. Maybe one day i wil meet my india love aswell.
then you will get one day!
Hey, Indians and Whites are the same race. So are Pakistanis, and Iranians and Afghanis. They were founded by the ancient Aryan tribes from Southern Russia
where did you get your information? You may want to check the history. Explain their color then?
it's true.. we're all Caucasian!
Don't believe check this video
youtube dot com /watch?v=OjBlZl8RON8
oh, because everything on youtube is completely accurate. -sarcasm-
I'm an indian man living in america I was completely brought up here. Here is my take. There are a lot of other Indian girls who were either born here or grew up here like me or even some recent FOBs and a lot of them go for white men. Like the original post said, they go out of their way to get noticed and are easy to get. I've seen this time and time again, anytime I see a Indian women with no accent like me, as soon as I open my mouth and they find out I'm like them, they completely shut me off and don't even acknowledge me.. even in a day to day workplace.. The only explanation a friend gave to me is that they feel threatened by me, it is sort of territorial thing at best. Any way, I see a lot of indian girls going for white men because I think opposites attract and as previous posters said, they are more open and kind and boy can they ACT. They have more charm and smile.. yeah that American Idol WGWG (white guy with a guitar) thing takes them a long, long way. Also dark skinned women see it as a trophy to show off to their friends . Actually forgetting how shameful it is not to celebrate your own kind and heritage. But the same can be said about Indian men, they always go for white girls if they could,just like every one else.. chinese, mexican. To complete idiot who posted that Indian people are white people because Aryans invaded america. That was a story every kid was spoon fed in India. It may be true but I'm from the south and I'm hella dark, I'm not white. If you consider persians white then the early invaders into india were most likely persians hence the lighter skin. But India is a place where 70% of the people are dark skinned while about 15% are really fair skinned if you go to the north. (Fair skinned is not what it means as in America, if you are not brown you are Fair in india). The south is full of dark skinned people like black people. If you know anything about Pangea, India was a part of africa this perfectly explains why the southern people of India are practically black, they almost look like ethiopians with a twist of course.
Im a black guy and I find India. Women beyond gorgeous from a Indian women why aren't black guys a selection for u
My husband is very hot and romantic with a big heart and guess what he is an Indian a Sikh.

My husband is one of those that keeps everything locked up inside but he is always their a rock, who keeps me smiling and laughing.

The way my husband is romantic is how he always gives me a kiss and says I love before I leave 4 work in the morning and he cleans the house most of the time and he works at night and he has a cup of tea ready when i get home.

For our honey moon he hired a Mayback car picked me up from work flew to Paris for a weekend on a private jet then a hot air balloon ride over Paris then he hired the top floor of a car park where we had a romantic meal with the whole top floor of car park with candles and a small band.

So please don't think Indian men can't be romantic just give them a chance.
i'll luv to hav a whiteman as a lyf partner...........
First of all Indians are NOT caucasian. The word "Aryan" was hijacked by the Nazis and does not mean "white". Even the use of the word caucasian is inaccurately used to describe white anglo-saxons. Aryan is an ancient farsi word adopted by dravidian to descibe "those fairer than us" and does not signify any race at all. Caucasians come from the Caucasus which are Circassian, Turk, and Mongol; essentially Turkic ppls. And yes Indians do derive from these people, but also African, as all races essentially do. When people use the word "white" and "caucasian" interchangeably they are wrong. White refers to northern Europeans mainly. Stop trying to be white. Be proud of your ancient heritage.
so you like an indian girl hmmmm its kinda common every where see as the newton says it the opposites attract .
but i cant see me falling for a white guy cause i like indian guys than anything and will be getting married to them and anyway best of luck
I am an indian lady,44yrs. looking for a cute and sincere white man 44-50yrs any one out there? contact me. bakingnermala - at - Yahoo!
i am a 31 year boy i am reddy
I'm a white guy in my late 20's and I think Indian women are beautiful and intriguing. It's not just a physical attraction thing as I've noticed that most Indian women in the US tend to be well educated and articulate. Although for a white guy it seems to be hard getting past just simple conversation. Also trying to prove that your attraction is more than just physical. I'd like to meet an Indian woman even if it just meant friendship at first. my email is mjpm00284 - at - yah if you want to chat sometime.
I think mixed Indian/white babies are so cute! :)
Woah, that is one mouthful of compliments for Indian girls. Thanks. Well, I guess almost all the girls here will agree that there is a reason why we tend to favour white men as they very much appreciate our decision and respect women. As simple as ABCD.
I am a white American man, 33yo, from the US who wishes to meet an Indian woman for friendship... Just looking to start with emails and chatting but don't know how to get my foot in the door with any....
I am a white guy uk aged 46 & would love to meet a nice indian Female
LOL, all these comments are just bull# manure #. The majority of Indian women love Indian men, and vice versa. Even the hot Indian Hollywood celebs like Freida Pinto and Archie Panjabi are with Indian guys. Indian women are NOT brainwashed by their parents into loving white men. Indians in the west widely regard whites as cheap, lazy and intellectually inferior. Just goes to show that you can never trust what you read on the net.
i am dealing with the same thing as i was thrown away like an old shoe but on top of that she put lies out to try and destroy me my spirit is broken i am healing slowly but am very lonely and staying at my boys until i can put my my motorhome somewhere as she has all Five houses and an order to keep me off all of them until divorce cort settles things. i just feel what this gals going thru and she can reach me - at - hossTwo For Zero Eight Seven - at - yahoo! or call Three Six For Zero Four For Zero Three Nine One Eight Four i will be leaving in One Five min to the q but have to stop on the way
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